The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors

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MAC is known for amazing beauty products. Everything at MAC is high quality, from lip products to nail polishes. MAC also has a variety of amazing colors. They currently have 56 shades available. Their selection can be overwhelming, so SkinnyMs. is here to help! We’ve created a list of the 5 best MAC nail polish colors. Some are bolder than others, but there’s a shade for every personality.

1. Impassioned 

The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors Impassioned

This shimmery polish  comes with subtle pink-red undertones, resulting in a deeply vibrant pink that’s certain to make some heads turn.Thick, smooth layers are applied beautifully without streaking for a perfect finish. With its bright, warm shade, this classic pink that looks great on everyone!

2. Snazzy Hound 

The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors Snazzy Hound

You’ll radiate sass and confidence with this sultry shade, which makes the perfect finish to an edgy outfit. With its alluring grey tint and metallic undertones, this shade is a killer combination of mysterious and glamorous. As a bonus, the ultra glossy polish glides effortlessly, giving you flawless coverage without having to hit the salon.

3. Delicate 

The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors Delicate

Creamy nude meets delicate pink in this fresh, springy nail polish! You can’t go wrong with a classic shade like MAC’s “Delicate”. It features just enough pink to radiate femininity, and perfectly pale undertones that match with just about any outfit or occasion! As a plus, you can forget about clumping or smearing with this polish! The long-lasting, high-impact nail color glides on smoothly, for a lovely, crack-free coat that wont dull or streak.

4. Obsessed 

The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors Obsessed

Let your hands make a statement with this striking nail color! A killer combination of fabulous and feisty, this shade shimmers and sparkles, leaving you with a sinful finish you just can’t ignore. The polish will bring out your inner party animal, no matter where you are! At the end of the day, the name says it all- we’re definitely obsessed.

5. Before Dawn

The 5 Best MAC Nail Polish Colors Before Dawn

This color is beautiful and mysterious, with a perfect blend of green and grey. Described as a “green grey,” this nail color is full of smoky, muted undertones and makes a sophisticated finish to any ensemble. Intriguing and luscious, this polish is enriched with vitamins, conditioners, and UV protection. As a bonus, it dries in a flash, and prevents your nails from becoming brittle or cracked. It’s a must-have for the work environment and swanky parties!

What’s your favorite MAC shade? Have a matching lipstick to share? Let us know! Leave a comment below.

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