5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair

A good hair day is just around the corner.

Frizzy, broken, and unmanageable locks can stand between you and a good hair day. When damaged, your hair is nearly impossible to style and makes your mane feel far from flaunt-worthy. Climate conditions and regular heat styling can threaten your hair over time. That doesn’t mean you have to chuck your hair straightener or remain inside a moderate climate for the rest of eternity!

Here at SkinnyMs., we’re offering foolproof tips for damaged hair to rejuvenate those strands and bring body, shine, and health back to your locks.

1. Use Coconut Oil

5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair2

Coconut oil tops the charts when it comes to versatility. The miracle product can be used for virtually anything, including your hair. With natural conditioning and hydrating properties, coconut oil can soothe strands and stop split ends from forming. It also helps keep hair from thinning, giving it a thicker, full-bodied appearance. For damaged hair, rub a little bit of coconut oil on your ends before going to bed. This acts as an intense moisturizing treatment, letting you wake up to silky-smooth locks you’ll love to run your fingers through.

In an interview for Harper’s Bazaar, Blake Lively, who has the most beautiful hair ever, says that applying coconut oil to your ends before shampooing prevents them from drying out!

We love Viva Lab’s The Finest Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Unrefined, extra-virgin, and cold-pressed, this product offers optimal freshness and the highest nutritional value you could ask for.

2. Deep Condition
5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair condition

Especially in chilly weather and dry winter months, your hair can suffer damage and appear brittle, lifeless, and over-processed. Luckily, you can turn a nightmare into a daydream by simply hydrating with a deep conditioner. Depending on your mane’s state of health, you should deep condition at least once a week to amp up moisture control and give thirsty hair the treatment it deserves. A good product is damaged hair’s greatest accessory to revive it back to its gorgeous, bouncy state.

Foolproof and affordable, Mirta De Perales’ Deep Conditioning Hair Masque contains rich conditioning agents that penetrates and seals hair cuticles, restoring body, elasticity, and shine. Sign us up!

3. Change Shampoos
5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair3

After trying out a new bottle of shampoo, your hair might have a love affair with the product. Over time, however, the bottle gets emptier and your hair stops flaunting the same radiant shine and bouncy volume it once did. The idea that shampoo eventually loses its effectiveness is a total myth. Instead, your hair’s chemical balance is altered by long-term use of a specific soap, and you’ll see and feel the change over time.

Especially if you’re dealing with dry and damaged hair, select a couple of your fave shampoo products and alternate every month or two. Reach for bottles specifically designed to hydrate and moisturize. Joico Moisture Recovery is an ultra effective shampoo that will help make your hair healthy again!

4. Use Leave-in Conditioner
5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair4

Leave-in conditioners are a must in anyone’s hair care regimen. When it comes to hair that needs saving, leave-ins will swoop to your rescue. They moisturize and deeply hydrate each hair shaft without weighing down your hair, healing your mane and letting you show off long, luscious locks. They also make great detanglers. Smoothing some product in your hair before brushing can prevent breakage.

Giovanni’s 2chic Ultra-volume Leave in Conditioning Elixir is pure magic if you crave buttery smooth, nourished hair. Infused with tangerine and papaya butter, this product smells delicious and contains a boatload of nutrients to take your hair from dull and damaged to shiny and  sleek. When applying, focus on the most damaged parts of your hair.

5. Get a Trim
5 Hair Care Tips for Damaged Hair trim

Damage from styling tools, hair coloring, and hash climates can wreak havoc on your ends. Knots and split ends are telltale signs that you need a trim. To prevent further breakage and unnecessary frizz, get rid of them! Your hair will appear sharp and healthy with clean ends, even if it’s still damaged.

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