5 Kettlebell Moves for a Sculpted Butt

Kettlebell moves to bring your booty back.

Need some quick moves to tighten, round, and lift your booty? Adding kettlebell exercises to your routine is an easy way to burn fat and tone your body. We’ve compiled these 5 Kettlebell Moves for a Sculpted Butt into one workout. You can perform this rountine at home twice a week. Read on for the how-to and start sweating to your favorite workout playlist.

Kettlebell Moves for a Sculpted Butt

Equipment Needed: yoga mat, medium to heavy kettlebell (6lb-15lb), step or chair

What to Do: Perform each exercise for 12 reps, alternating on the other side as needed. Rest 30 seconds between each exercise. Perform this workout two times a week to tone and build a great booty.

Beginner Level: 2 rounds
Intermediate Level: 3 rounds
Advanced Level: 4 rounds


1. Step Ups
2. Sumo Deadlift
3. Single Leg Deadlift
4. Overhead Kettlebell Squats
5. Goblet Squat

Instructional Videos:

Step Ups

Sumo Deadlift

Single Leg Deadlift

Overhead Kettlebell Squats

Goblet Squat

Kettlebells are great at blasting fat. Use these routines to build a better body:

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