5-Minute Office Workout

Reboot your workday with an office workout!

Sometimes you just have to get up and move! Our Are You Sitting Down? It May Be Cutting Your Life Expectancy article revealed some of the dangers of excessive sitting during our daily routines. Although most jobs involve sitting for extended periods of time, taking 5 minutes to workout will have life changing benefits.

This 5 minute office workout, is meant to get your blood flowing from head to toe. Any time you get up and move you’re helping to make your body stronger, sexier, and healthier. You’ll also feel refreshed and more creative throughout your work day. This routine can be performed in any office environment and doesn’t require additional equipment you don’t already have at hand. Close your inbox for 5 minutes and get to it!

5-Minute Office Workout

Equipment Needed: Interval timer, water for hydration, chair, desk, towel for sweat

What to Do: Review the videos below to become familiarized each the exercises. Perform each exercise for 1 minute and jump right into the next one. Have fun, push hard through these exercises. You can do this 5 minute workout as often as you want throughout the work day. Switch up the order to challenge your body.


1. Desk Push-up
2. Chair Knee Lifts
3. Chair Mountain Climbers
4. Prisoner Squats
5. Chair Dips

Instructional Videos

Desk Push-up

Knee Lifts

Chair Mountain Climber

Prisoner Squats

Chair Dips

If you plan to stay healthy throughout the day, you’re going to need food for energy and recovery: Try some of our recipes that you can take to work:

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