5 Ways Your Sleep Schedule Could be Piling on the Pounds

Learn why getting your snooze on should top your list of priorities.

We understand that a busy schedule and a boatload of obligations can knock sleep down to the bottom of your priority list. You’re not accomplishing anything productive while sleeping, so why should you commit to getting enough ZZZs?

Your body works in full-gear while asleep, healing and restoring itself in a way that’s beyond productive. Sleep deprivation will almost certainly hinder your weight loss goals. In fact, those short on sleep are more likely to experience weight gain even while making valiant efforts to lose weight during the day.

Here at Skinny Ms., we’re giving you the scoop on sleep and drawing your attention to the link between sleep and weight control. Here are 5 Ways Your Sleep Schedule Could be Piling on the Pounds.

1. Your Metabolism
Inadequate sleep can prompt your metabolism to plummet. Studies show that blood sugar and insulin resistance levels are higher in people who don’t get enough sleep. As a result, you burn fewer calories throughout the day, allowing calories, and consequently pounds, to accumulate.

Do you hit the pillow at a proper hour but struggle to fall asleep? For deeper, higher quality sleep, check out this 6 Minute Workout for Better Sleep designed for you to perform in pajamas, just before you settle down to snooze!

2. Your Cravings
If you feel like a bottomless pit and gorge yourself on carb-laden snacks after getting inadequate sleep, it’s no coincidence! Studies show a link between a lack of sleep and appetite. Your body produces leptin and ghrelin, hormones that control feelings of hunger and fullness while you sleep. A sleep shortage leads to more ghrelin and less leptin, triggering hunger and blocking fullness. You’ll feel hungry all day, which can ultimately sabotage your weight management goals.

3. Your Exercise Routine
If you’re sleep deprived, you can’t suppress overwhelming fatigue and exhaustion. We applaud anyone able to make it through an intense workout sesh after a sleepless night, but it’s uncommon to have the motivation to handle hard exercise. Insufficient sleep reduces your drive to exercise the following day. Even if you do get around to squeezing in that cardio, your general energy expenditure is low when you’re tired, resulting in a less efficient workout.

4. Your Fat Storage
A lack of sleep encourages your body to cling onto fat. As we mentioned earlier, your body generates more ghrelin when you’re sleep-deprived, a hormone far from diet-friendly. Ghrelin reduces the number of calories your body burns throughout the day and stimulates glucose production. This promotes fat retention, prompting your body to hold onto fat for dear life even after a grueling workout. Yikes!

5. Your Eating Patterns
It might sound obvious, but the longer you postpone sleep, the longer you stay awake. More time spent awake = more time to eat! You might not realize it, but even a couple extra hours can make you linger in the kitchen, consuming enough calories to seriously sidetrack your weight-management goals.

Along with supporting your weight loss goals, getting enough sleep also ensures optimal health. Check out For Fewer Sick Days, Get Eight Hours of Sleep to learn why!

Getting your snooze on should be something you look forward to, but sleep disturbances and trouble falling asleep can make the process frustrating. Bump up your sleep quality with these 9 Tips to Get Better Sleep and turn your bed into a dreamy paradise.

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