5 Weight Watchers Favorites for 5 Points or Fewer

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For many of our readers, Weight Watchers is a terrific way to keep track of your portions, calories, and the types of foods you eat, resulting in healthier eating and weight loss. But many of you may be wondering how to incorporate clean eating into your Weight Watchers plan. Try these five recipes that clock in at fewer than 5 points each, all packed with nutritious, clean eating ingredients that will keep you sustained and feeling great as you lose weight!

Quinoa Breakfast Cereal (5 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Start off your day right with just 3 points. Treat yourself to some extra fruit or a small mid-morning snack. Previous Points: 3; Points Plus: 5

Crustless Asparagus Quiche (1 Freestyle SmartPoint)
This scrumptious breakfast favorite can be served for both lunch and dinner! Make it in the morning and bring leftovers for lunch. Previous Points: 1; Points Plus: 1

Roasted Pear Sandwich with Pear (7 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Take this healthy sandwich to work for a tasty lunch that will make your co-workers green with envy. Previous Points: 3; Points Plus: 5

Turkey Burger with Sundried Tomatoes and Feta Cheese (2 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Our unique turkey burger recipe is perfect for summer grill sessions. Previous Points: 4; Points Plus: 5

Ranch Turkey Sliders (0 Freestyle SmartPoints)
Looking for a different take on the traditional burger? Give these ranch-seasoned sliders a try! Previous Points 2; Points Plus: 5

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