6 Calorie Tracking Tools for Losing Weight and Keeping it Off

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Do calories count? You bet. If you want to shed fat and inches to reveal the fabulous you underneath, it’s critical to burn more calories than you take in. But calorie counting doesn’t end there—once the pounds are off, you’ll need to keep track of what you’re taking in so you can maintain a healthy weight. Check out these 6 tools that make tracking calories to lose weight and keep it off painless:

Calorie Counting Books

The Biggest Loser Calorie Counter: This well-organized book provides calorie counts for many foods, but it also provides the other info, including protein, carbs, saturated fat, and sodium, you need to make smart eating decisions. What’s more, it includes a handy dining out section that lists nutritional information for selected foods at a number of popular restaurants.

The Master Your Metabolism Calorie Counter: Authored by fitness guru Jillian Michaels, this book is packed with nutritional info for more than 5,000 foods. It includes all the information you need, from how much fat is in a food to whether the food will impact your hormones. Michaels has also included a list of her Master Disaster foods—the ones you should run from if you want to get and stay healthy!

Calorie Counting Tech Tools

Calorie Tracking Fitness Watch: Want to know how many calories you burned during your walk or run? This basic fitness watch is programmed to count the calories you’ve burned for a variety of different activity levels. It’s backlit to make for easy reading, plus it’s water resistant to 50 meters. (Because it requires you to change the activity level as your pace changes, this might not be the best choice for interval training—this watch is better suited for walking and running.)

Daily Calorie & Fat Percentage Log: This simple downloadable tool tallies how many of your calories are from fat and the % of fat you’ve consumed. You just enter the foods you consume, along with the calories and fat grams—the tool then does the math for you.

Pedometer with Calorie Counter: The Omron HJ-105 is the fancy name for this simple clip-on tool that keeps track of how many calories you burn. It features easy set-up, plus a 7-day memory so you can tally up a week’s worth of workouts. In addition to calories burned, it calculates fat grams burned and distance in miles.

Weight Management System: This armband from BodyMedia is the same one used on The Biggest Loser. The all-in-one system provides all the feedback you need to live the healthy lifestyle you want. In addition to measuring steps taken, it also calculates calories burned based on activity level. In other words, it provides accurate measurements that recognize the difference between jogging and walking. It works with other apps you may be using to stay fit, including MyFitnessPal, Runkeeper, and more.

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