6 Hair Care Tips You Need In Your Life

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Our beauty regimens often focus on glowing skin and a fresh face. But what about shiny, healthy hair? Taking good care of your hair is just as important as maintaining your skin. Just as we emphasize our facial features with makeup, we should take the time to style our hair.

Don’t just throw your hair up in a bun. With a little product and styling, you can give your locks extra personality and spunk. Let your hair shine and bounce, but protect it from becoming dry or damaged! Here are 6 hair care tips need in your life. Not all hair is alike. It’s important to personalize your care plan to maximize these benefits.

1. That’s My Type!

6 Hair Care Tips1

Shampoo removes oils and dirt from your hair, but it has many other benefits. If you have dry hair, you don’t want to strip too many of your natural oils. Try Kerastase Resistance Bain Force Architecte Reconstructing ShampooClairol Pro Shimmer Lights Shampoo is a great hairdresser-recommended option for colored treated hair.

2. Deep Conditioning Treatments

Deep Conditioning Treatments
Apply just enough conditioner to cover the ends of your hair without weighing it down. If your conditioner isn’t moisturizing enough, try a deep conditioning treatment at least once or twice a week. These are thicker creams that you leave on your hair for a longer period of time. They can be used with a shower cap or warm towel to maximize conditioning. One of our favorite deep conditioning treatments is Hydrating Argan Oil Hair Mask and Deep Conditioner. A professional treatment designed to repair and restore moisture to dry or damaged hair.

3. Don’t Overbrush

6 Hair Care Tips2

Brushing your hair too much can cause hair to thin and fall out. Long, fine hair should be brushed once or twice a day. Curly hair should be brushed less often to hold the curls. Experts say that brushing hair is good for loosening dead skin cells and moving blood circulation to stimulate new hair growth, but hair is more likely to break when it’s wet. Try to only brush your hair when it’s dry. If you do end up brushing after a shower, use a Wet Hair Brush.

4. The Dry Shampoo Miracle

6 Hair Care Tips3

Using shampoo everyday can dry your hair and make colored hair fade. Using dry shampoo and limiting your hair washes to every other day will help protect your strands. Try Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-powder. It has a fresh, calming scent that diffuses the smell of oily hair. It’s also easy to apply and not messy.

5. Prep Before You Style

prep your hair
Hair prep is just as important as shampoo and conditioner. The heat from styling tools can damage your hair, so it’s important to prep with a heat protectant. Think about how much it hurts when you touch a curling iron with your finger. Now imagine what that heat must be doing to your hair!

Heat protectants act as a barrier and help distribute heat evenly. Dimethicone and cyclomethicone, forms of silicone, are the main ingredients in many heat protectants. These silicones act like a cloth glove. Argan Oil is another protectant that can be left in the hair while using heat styling tools, especially flat irons and blow dryers. Art Naturals has an organic Thermal Hair Protector that can be sprayed directly on your hair. This amazing product is sulfate-free and contains 100% Argan Oil.

6. Remove Buildup

6 Hair Care Tips4

Buildup develops when hair products aren’t fully rinsed or shampooed from your hair. Buildup can cause dry and dull hair, so it’s important to do a cleansing wash as a way to press the restart button on your hair. There are simple homemade solutions you can make, such as an egg and vinegar wash or a baking soda and epsom salt cleanse.




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  1. I like your idea to use dry shampoo; I’ve never heard of that before. I just got a new haircut and am trying to figure out the best way to keep my hair looking amazing. It gets dry easily, so I’ll try out some dry shampoo.

    1. Dry shampoo is fantastic! It’s easy to apply and my hair feels healthier after only using it once or twice per week. Remember, it’s not for everyday use!

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