6 Meal Plans for Weight Loss

Choose the meal plan that will work for YOU!

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Exercise is a great way to improve your health and boost energy levels, but you need to eat healthy food if you’re hoping to lose weight! Like an exercise routine, no single meal plan is right for everyone. The meal plans for weight loss below are some of our most popular. Why, you ask? Because they work! Take a look at the options below and choose which one is right for you.

Once you choose a plan, you’ll also to want to check out our Busy Woman’s Guide to Meal Prepping. Preparing your meals ahead of time will not only help the process go more smoothly, but it will also increase your chances of sticking to the plan!

6 Meal Plans for Weight Loss

28-Day Weight Watchers Meal Plan

This first meal plan is our most popular to date! The Weight Watchers program has proven successful for many women, and it may be able to help you too! Weight Watchers teaches you how to eat for nutrition using points instead of focusing on calories. Our four-week Weight Watcher’s meal plan is made up of nutritious recipes that are just as delicious as they are healthy!

7-Day Flush the Fat Away Meal Plan

Our flush the fat away meal plan is the perfect way to crank up your metabolism and feel great! It includes three meals and three healthy snacks per day to keep your body burning fat all day long. Eating six times per day will keep your belly full and your energy up. 

21-Day Flat Belly Meal Plan

A healthy diet is critical to achieving weight-loss success, and this meal plan will get you the results that you are looking for. The recipes included in this three-week program are all full of lean protein, good fats, and whole-grain carbohydrates. If you want to flatten out your belly, this may be the meal plan for you!

7-Day Menu Plan with Low Carbs

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Carbohydrates are by no means the bad guy, but limiting the amount you consume each day is a good way to shed excess pounds fast. This seven-day meal plan is a great way to see if a low carb diet will work for you. We know it sounds challenging to remove things like bread from your diet, but we promise it will get easier! Plus, after a few days, you’ll notice a significant difference in the way your clothes fit. 

30-Day Plant-Based Meal Plan for Beginners

Have you been thinking about cutting out meat and other animal products from your diet? There are definitely some benefits to doing so! Our 30-day plant-based meal plan was designed for beginners, but even lifelong vegetarians and vegans will enjoy it!

You can pick and choose breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and even desserts from our pre-approved plant-based list. This will allow you to prepare meals that appeal to you as an individual. This is definitely not a cookie cutter program. 

14-Day Clean Eating Meal Plan

We hear this phrase all the time, but what does “clean-eating” mean? Eating clean is another way of saying eating foods that are natural, whole, and unprocessed. This refers to things like fresh fruit and vegetables, lean protein, nuts, and whole grains. Our 14-day clean-eating meal plan is one of our newer programs, but it has become extremely popular. Learning how to eat the appropriate foods will help you keep your healthy lifestyle going, even after the two weeks have passed!

Enhance Your Results

Which one of these meal plans for weight loss are you going to try? Regardless of which one you decide on, one thing remains the same: If you stay consistent, you will see results! Don’t stop after your programs ends. Keep it going or try another one.

Of course, you can also enhance your results by participating in one of our effective workout programs in addition to your new healthy-eating plan. Check out some of our most popular training options:

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