6 Scrumptious Make-Ahead Breakfasts

Feel free to press snooze

Busy mornings don’t have to mean hectic mornings. Running on a time-crunch might make fixing breakfast an added stressor, but it really doesn’t have to. With make-ahead breakfast recipes, you don’t have to squeeze in an extra chunk of time for cooking in the morning. In fact, these meals will let you snooze it up for an extra few minutes, since they’re ready to eat as soon as you rise.

Here at Skinny Ms., we want you to sleep in and catch as many ZZZs as possible without skipping the most important meal of the day. In order to make this fantasy a reality, we’ve rounded up our favorite make-ahead breakfast dishes you can throw together the night before.

These tasty recipes call for minimal effort on your part. Packed with satisfying nutrients your body craves, these yummy meals will keep you feeling full and focused all morning long, while making your morning routine run smoothly. From rich, creamy pudding, to delectably moist muffins and fluffy frittatas, we’ve got recipes to suit any appetite.

Eat better and sleep longer with these 6 Scrumptious Make-Ahead Breakfasts! They taste so good, you might even look forward to waking up!

1. Blueberry Chia Seed Pudding

This perfectly-portioned breakfast is packed with superfoods, vitamins, and amazing flavor. Pamper your system with this pudding-like combo of savory ingredients like blueberries, vanilla, and honey, along with nutrient-rich chia seeds and almond milk.

2. Make-Ahead Egg & Veggie Muffins

Sneak a nutritious dose of veggies into your diet by simply enjoying these tasty muffins! Tasty veggies and eggs team up to form moist, mouthwatering muffins that’ll save you on busy mornings. They’re also super easy to store for the rest of the week-simply seal leftovers in plastic baggies and throw them in the freezer!

3. Skinny Protein Breakfast Frittata

These fantastic frittatas are perfect for all occasions, from breakfast with the kids to a fancy Sunday brunch. With their lovely presentation and vibrant flavor, these mouthwatering masterpieces feature veggies, eggs, and bold, cheesy feta. Each perfectly-portioned serving clocks in at just 70 calories, so your waistline will thank you as well!

4. French Toast Overnight Oats

This overnight oats recipe gives French Toast fans reason to rejoice! Rich, creamy oatmeal is brought to life by the addition of banana, coconut milk, and raisins. This delectable morning meal gets its sweetness from maple syrup, while cinnamon and vanilla extract lend a zesty kick. Our tasty recipe lets you enjoy French toast without the guilt, or the mess!

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