7 Day No TV Challenge

Because real life is so much better!

Do you know how many hours the average American spends watching TV? According to the New York Daily News, in 2014, the average American watches more than 5 hours of TV per day! That’s 5 hours people spend sedentary on a couch, and it’s probably a contributing reason to growing issues in health such as obesity and diabetes. There are so many more productive and healthy activities people could be doing with their time. Because of this, we want to inspire you to make your friends, co-workers, or family join us in the 7 Day No TV Challenge!

For 7 whole days, we challenge you to not watch TV (that includes Netflix or Hulu on your laptop or iPad!). We want to encourage you to try new things and invest more time in personal development. It’s easy to turn on the TV in the morning for background sound while you get ready or cook dinner, and we understand that at night nothing sounds better than doing something mindless after a long day at work. However, watching TV right before bed has actually been shown to make falling asleep more difficult, and you are likely to be more productive during your day without the added distraction in the background.

There are going to be times when you are tempted, so check out some alternate ideas below of what you can do with your extra time.

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1. Invest time in people who matter. If you have a family, spend time with them! Check out our Family Fitness Challenge for some fun activities. Maybe you have some old friends that you haven’t made time for lately; schedule a dinner date to catch up with them! Spending time with real people is a lot better than watching people on a rectangular screen.

2. Try new gym classes! If you have a gym membership, take your extra time and go try out some group fitness classes. It’s a great way to meet new people and try different workouts. Read our 4 Group Classes to Try This Fall article for some good ideas! If you’re not a member of a gym, most gyms sell affordable one-day passes.

3. Reading. Remember those things called books? We know you got tired of reading back in college when you had to spend hours with your textbooks. However, there are so many enjoyable novels out there! Reading for leisure is a good way to develop a better vocabulary, plus, if you read nonfiction, it can also be educational in topics you want to read about!

4. DIY Projects! Are you one of those people who watches HGTV but never tries any of the cool ideas you see? Well, now is the time to try one! Recover an ottoman, re-do your bathroom in a beach theme, or try out one of Pinterest’s plethora of DIY ideas! It doesn’t have to be home improvement; you can always try our Making Your Own Skincare Products or something as simple as painting a canvas! Getting in touch with your creative side can leave you feel accomplished and confident.

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5. Spend time with Mother Nature. Most jobs involve being cooped up all day. So instead of going home to sit indoors some more, take your evenings outside! You can just simply go on a walk around the neighborhood, take a stroll in the park, grill out for dinner, or take your loving pet on a walk! Taking walks, even short ones, have been shown to increase endorphins, those groovy neurotransmitters that can help control pain and stress.

6. Join a Wellness Center. If you aren’t a member of a gym, maybe now is the time to finally sign up for one! Instead of spending your nights at home watching TV, you can be a part of a great environment while improving your health. It’s a great way to build new friendships and develop healthy habits. Most gyms or wellness centers will have membership specials, including couples and military discounts!

7. Volunteer or Give Back. Volunteering at a local charity isn’t a first choice of how people want to spend their evenings, but it can be such a rewarding experience! You can clean out your closet and donate some clothes to Goodwill, or you can help out at a local soup kitchen. Around the holidays, there are always opportunities for food or toy donations.

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