5-Day Clean Eating Breakfast Menu

Think eating a healthy breakfast means you’re stuck with tasteless cardboard foods? Not so fast. Clean eating recipes aren’t just good for your body—they’re also tasty. So ditch those sugary cereals and processed pastries and get your day off to a SkinnyLicious start.

Here’s your 5-day clean eating breakfast menu:

Day 1

Clean Eating Banana Apple Bread

This moist bread will please everyone in the family. It’s lactose-free and, if you use gluten-free oats, you can enjoy it gluten-free, too. Make it a meal by pairing it with a piece of whole fruit or with non-fat Greek yogurt. Banana Apple Bread freezes well, so make a double batch, and then freeze it in smaller portions for grab-and-go breakfasts or snacks.

Day 2

Pita Pocket Breakfast Sandwich

Yes, you can enjoy a healthy recipe made with clean eating foods during the busy work week. Simply mix these good-for-you ingredients, like eggs and superfood spinach, and put them in the oven for just 15-18 minutes. Fill the pita, and you’re on your way to a great start!

Day 3

Whole-Grain Banana Blueberry Pancakes

Whole Grain Banana Blueberry Pancakes

Clean eating meals don’t come any yummier than this breakfast recipe. From honey to bananas to blueberries, it has all the ingredients to satisfy your taste buds at the start of a busy day. Make this breakfast recipe in the morning, or make an extra batch over the weekend and freeze until you’re ready to enjoy.

Day 4

Individual Egg and Spinach Bowl

No list of clean eating breakfast menus would be complete without this superfood-packed morning meal. This dish is simple enough to whip up in the morning, but you can also prepare it the night before. You’ll also love this recipe because it’s easy to customize it to suit your taste; for example, substitute spinach with kale or another leafy green. Pair Egg and Spinach Bowls with Skinny Breakfast Sausage for a meal that satisfies any appetite.

Day 5

Superfoods Smoothie

Nourish your body with 7 superfoods—before you even leave the house in the morning! This smoothie recipe uses spinach, bananas, berries, and other superfoods to deliver a superhero’s dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. With only 131 calories a serving, you can’t go wrong!

Are you sweet on smoothies? Our Pick Me Up Breakfast Smoothie and Quinoa Banana Berry Smoothie are perfect for clean eating menus for breakfast, too.

Clean Eating Breakfast Bonus

Clean up your coffee by ditching the processed creamer. Enjoy this clean eating Coffee Creamer instead.

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  1. I don't know why you need so much variety and effort to eat healthy breakfasts. Plain oatmeal porridge with honey and nuts one morning, plain omelet with feta and spinach next day. Repeat forever. What's the fuss? If I had to go to this much trouble I'd go back to Suger Puffs.

    1. Neil, It’s up to you. Our menus offer variety and it’s up to the reader to decide which recipe they prefer. 🙂

      1. Thank you for the variety!! I have a 7 year old who wants options!!! This is awesome!!!!!! I will give every last one of them a try!!! LOL!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for all of your GREAT recipes! I look forward to them daily, and you never fail. I'm trying to eat clean and healthy, and appreciate all the effort you put into what you send out. Variety IS the spice of life, not eating the same thing every day!!

  3. My favorite breakfast is southwest omelet with egg whites, red and green peppers, grape tomatoes, and green onions, with whole grain toast and cooked apple slices with cinnamon. McIntosh apples seem to heat up the best. I slice the apples, put cinnamon and a little water on them, cover and microwave for 4 minutes and usually add a little more cinnamon.

  4. Thanks for the different ideas, some of us really appreciate it! Don't understand negative comments on here, after all they don't have to get on here in the first place.

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