7-Day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners

Tone your arms with this awesome challenge!

7 day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners

Are you interested in getting fit but aren’t sure where to begin? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to add a little excitement to your fitness routine? Regardless of your goals, weight, or age, this 7 day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners can get you into the best shape of your life!

Benefits of Participating in a Fitness Challenge

While this challenge was designed with beginner’s in mind, anyone can take part in it! Whether you’re a novice, expert, or anywhere in-between, participating in a fitness challenge has several benefits to offer you.

It’s an awesome way to build and even maintain healthy habits. Committing to a challenge obligates you to putting in the work, even on the days that you don’t feel like it. This push-up challenge will motivate you to workout, and as you get stronger, inspire you to keep going! Challenges are also the perfect way to get your family & friends involved too! We want our loved ones to be healthy with us, right?!

Why Push-ups?

Push-Ups are one of the absolute best exercises for toning, tightening, and good old-fashioned calorie burning. They don’t just work your chest, but your back, shoulders, arms, and abs, as well! If want to lose weight, become stronger, and get into the best shape of your life…start with this challenge today!

7-Day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners

There are 4 types of push-ups and 3 versions of this challenge. It is up to you to decide which you’re ready for. Be sure to read the entire challenge instructions before beginning.

What to Do:

1. Complete this ‘Upper Body Stretch’ (video below) before beginning the push-up challenge. This should be completed once, every day.

Upper Body Stretching Video:

2. Watch the ‘Types of Push-Ups’ videos below, to figure out which type is right for you at this time. These videos will also show you how to perform the exercise with correct form in order to avoid injury.

Types of Push-Ups from Least to Most Challenging

Wall Push-Ups:

Desk Push-Ups:

Knee Push-Ups on Floor:

Full Push-Ups on Floor:

3. Once you’ve chosen a type of push-up to perform (wall, desk, knee, or full) you can select which of the 3 routines below is appropriate for your current fitness level.

Beginner Routine:

5 push-ups, 4 times daily, for 7 days (daily total: 20)

For example:
8 a.m. 5 push-ups
11 a.m. 5 push-ups
2 p.m. 5 push-ups
6 p.m. 5 push-ups

Intermediate Routine:

15 push-ups, 4 times daily, for 7 days (daily total: 60)

For example:
8 a.m. 15 push-ups
11 a.m. 15 push-ups
2 p.m. 15 push-ups
6 p.m. 15 push-ups

Advanced Routine:

25 push-ups, 4 times daily, for 7 days (daily total: 100)

For example:
8 a.m. 25 push-ups
11 a.m. 25 push-ups
2 p.m. 25 push-ups
6 p.m. 25 push-ups

This 7 Day Push-Up Challenge for Beginners will help you build a basic foundation of upper body strength that will enable you to move on to more advanced exercises! Once you’ve completed this challenge, try one of these other fun challenges:

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Editor’s Note: Originally published Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Excited about this challenge. I have the perfect counter in my kitchen and love these pushups, but haven’t been doing 100 a day, lol. Starting 1-22-13.

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