7 Killer Body Weight Exercises for an Amazing Summer Body

These seven exercises are all you'll need to be beach ready!

What’s better than building a summer body you can be proud of? Building that body with your own hands and feet! Weights are great for adding resistance and building muscles, but there’s something about using your own body weight to get amazing results that feels twice as rewarding. Summer’s approaching fast, and these seven killer body weight exercises for an amazing summer body are all you’ll need to hit the beach as soon as the first 80+ degrees day makes its debut.

7 Killer Body Weight Exercises for an Amazing Summer Body

These 7 Killer Bodyweight Exercises For An Amazing Summer Body are All You'll Need to Hit the Beach

These workouts are all about you and your body. Being able to conquer them and push through the challenge will help give a new definition to the saying “mind over matter.” Body weight exercises are all about grit and tenacity to get the job done. So breathe, stay focused, perfect your form, and get it done!

For this workout, you’ll only need a yoga mat, a chair or bench, and an interval timer, which is available on most phones.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 10 seconds of rest in between each exercise. Complete four rounds, resting for one minute in between rounds (you’ll need it). For great results, perform this body weight workout three times a week.

  • Burpees: If a fat-blasting body weight workout doesn’t include burpees, you’re being cheated.
  • Reverse Lunge to a Knee Raise: A compound exercise that works your lower body and your lower abs.
  • Mountain Climber: These are a great fat-blasting body weight exercise to keep your heart rate up.
  • Side Lunge to Curtsy: Adding a twist to the traditional lunge allows you to build a bigger, better, and rounder booty.
  • Push-Ups: Being able to perform push-ups — even if they’re the modified version — is essential to building arm strength and targeting essential minor muscles that help burn more fat. No more arm jiggle.
  • Jackknife Sit Up: These are a full abs workout to shape, build, and tone your upper and lowers.
  • Triceps Dip: Another great triceps exercise to reduce arm jiggle.

Having an amazing summer body isn’t just about enjoying these body weight exercises. Read these 10 Top Weight Loss Tips For Women to get the best results.

Instructional Videos


Reverse Lunge to a Knee Raise

Mountain Climber

Side Lunge to Curtsy


Jackknife Sit Up

Tricep Dip

Once you’ve conquered these body weight exercises for an amazing summer body you deserve, take your routine to the next level with our top-rated Summer Butt Challenge.

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