7 Moves for Instant Energy

Recharge with these pick-me-up moves!

tone and tighten your upper body

Everyone has a busy schedules complete with endless meetings or family demands that leave them exhausted by the end of the day. It’s easy to get home in the evening and give up on exercising or cooking a healthy meal. Many even feel too tired to play with their kids. Which is exactly why you need these 7 Moves for Instant Energy!

Research has found that just getting up off the couch and elevating your heart rate can jumpstart your body into producing more energy for activity. Since you’re going to want and need energy for family time after work, or maybe a fun night out, the first step is just getting off your bum! For instant energy get your heart rate up with these exercises.

Equipment Needed: A soft surface to work out on, like a yoga mat, a jump rope, a small step, and a pair of light weights (optional), interval timer.

What to Do: Do this workout as a circuit, one exercise after another with a 30 second rest in between. Perform each exercise for one minute. For exercises such as the step ups and lunges, alternate legs for the duration of the minute.


1. Bicycle
Lay on a mat with your hands behind your head. Alternate bringing your right knee to your left elbow, and vice versa with the other side.

2. Jumping Jacks
Bring your arms over your head at the same time jumping your feet apart.

3. Squats with Front Raise
Do a regular squat while bringing your weights (optional) straight out in front of you.

4. Step Ups
Step up onto a step with your right leg and bring your left knee up into a knee jab, but don’t let it stop on the step, and then take it back down to the start. Alternate legs. 

5. Backwards Lunge
Holding your weights, step back with your right leg till you bend your knees to a 90 degree angle, then come back to start. Alternate legs. 

6. High Knees
Bring your knee to your chest, alternating knees. Go as fast as you can.

7. Jump Rope
You can choose your own speed for this, just stick it out for the full minute!


Jumping Jacks

Squats with Front Raise

Step Ups

Backwards Lunge

High Knees

Jump Rope

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