7 Workout Challenges Under 10 Minutes

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We know that one of the top reasons women don’t work out more is because they’re so busy and don’t have enough time. Trust us, we hear you, we KNOW it’s hard. And that is why we’ve compiled this excellent list of 7 Workout Challenges Under 10 Minutes. No matter how busy or how tired you are, we know you can get in 10 extra minutes and we’re here to help.

Anyone, no matter how crazy their schedule is, can scrape up 10 minutes for these quick workout challenges. Still not convinced? Here are a few suggestions to get in those 10 minutes or less. They include, in no particular order, Facebook, Twitter, email, TV, and mindless web surfing. Any of these sound familiar as something you potentially spend a bit more time doing than you might really want to? Any of them contain 10 potential minutes you could consider trading for some quick workout challenges? We thought so! So what are you waiting for? Check out these 7 easy workouts now. YOU CAN DO IT!

1. WeightLESS Workout Challenge
Weightless Workout Challenge
You don’t always need weights to get the body you deserve. This workout pits you against your body to show that not having any equipment doesn’t mean you can’t work hard to shape up.

2. 4-Minute Lean Down Challenge
4-Minute Lean Down Challenge
Tabata routines are high intensity, quick, and guarantee results! This 4 minute challenge can be squeezed in any time of day to get your metabolism going.

3. Jump Rope Tabata Challenge
Jump Rope Tabata Challenge
Rethink the jump rope with this fast paced tabata workout. Jump as fast as you can and start burning fat as fast as you can.

4. Wake Me Up, Keep Me Going Workout Challenge
Earyly moring workout
Morning workouts help set the tone for the rest of the day. Once you beat this challenge early in the morning, nothing that pops up for the rest of the day should seem difficult.

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