8 Best Yoga Poses for Runners

Cool down with deep stretches after a long run.

5. Pigeon Pose

Pigeon pose is another powerful hip opener. You can stay upright or fold over your front leg. Either way, you’ll experience a deep release in your hip.

6. Hero Pose

Hero pose is a great pose for your quads and IT bands. Start upright, and, if you want a deeper stretch, move down to your elbows, or all the way down to the ground. Only go as far as you can without pinching your knees. If you have sensitive knees, sit on a block, and stay upright. You’ll still get a good stretch.

7. Reclined Cow Face Pose

Lie on your back and lift your knees so they’re parallel to the floor. Cross your right knee over your left, grab your feet with your hands, and work your legs closer to you. You’ll feel a stretch along your outer thigh up to your glutes.

8. Supine Twist

It’s nice to end a yoga practice with a detoxifying twist. A supine twist is especially nice after a run, since it is also a hamstring stretch.

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