8 Slimming Dessert Swaps that Slash Calories

With these bomb versions of the real thing, you can have your cake and eat it, too!

almond joy bars

Is your sweet tooth begging for attention? It’s normal to crave a little sugar after dinner, but responding to these daily desires with calorie-dense desserts can wreak havoc on your health and fitness goals. Most conventional desserts contain refined sugars and processed ingredients that break every clean eating rule out there.

Don’t let traditional treats tiptoe their way into your daily routine and damage your lifestyle. Instead, try these delicious slimming dessert swaps that steer clear of artificial nonsense and use nothing but clean ingredients. Their mouthwatering flavors are guaranteed to satisfy any sweet tooth while slashing the excess calories present in ordinary goodies.

1. Instead of Ice Cream…
Blend frozen fruit! Creamy fruits like bananas yield delicious flavor after blending, with a silky-smooth consistency similar to ice cream! Fruit is naturally bursting with flavor, and your waistline will thank you for this vitamin-rich, lower-calorie alternative. Try this delicious Blackberry-Banana Ice Cream that uses nothing but 4 super clean ingredients.

2. Instead of Peach Cobbler…
Make yourself a savory peach parfait! Traditional peach cobbler gets most of its magic from the textures it exposes your taste buds to. Heat up sliced peaches for warm softness and get the crunchy crust taste by adding your favorite granola. Pair ingredients with creamy yogurt and top with cinnamon. Yum! Our Peach Shortcake with a Honey Greek Yogurt Topping is far healthier – and more decadent – than any cobbler.

3. Instead of Apple Pie…
Enjoy a baked apple! Ditch the excess sugar and pastry dough in apple pie without sacrificing delicious flavor by simply popping an apple in the oven. You’ll give your body all the health benefits of apples while biting into the thick, warm texture you love. Sprinkle cinnamon and nutmeg to complement the flavor and add a nutritional boost. Our Honey Baked Apples with Stovetop Granola are a healthy classic sweeter than pie.

4. Instead of Candy Bars…
Make homemade quinoa bars! There’s a host of quinoa bar recipes out there that yield satisfyingly sweet and chewy bars that put the artificial junk bars to shame. Filling, low-glycemic ingredients like quinoa curb cravings and stimulate your weight loss goals. Take our Quinoa Almond Joy Bars for a deliciously decadent example.

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