9 Stretches to Feel Revitalized When You Wake Up

Get you blood feeling and feel fresh all day long.

There’s nothing quite like a nice, good stretch when you wake up to get your muscles moving and blood flowing! Just 10-15 minutes of good stretching can relieve stress and improve your health.

Stretching and becoming more flexible can improve your posture, reduce lower back pain, improve circulation, and reduce muscle soreness after exercising. Stretching when you wake up will get blood flowing to your brain, making you feel more alert and energetic – a natural energy boost. Stretching can prevent any day-long aches and pains that come from an awkward sleeping position. Stretching at the beginning of the day will reduce your chance of developing a headache after a long day (along with drinking plenty of water). If these benefits sounds great, check out our collection of 9 stretches to feel revitalized when you wake up!

1. Invigorating Back Stretch
Follow along with a helpful video and learn the right techniques to start your day free of back pain and soreness.

2. Lying Side Quad Stretch
Your quads are the most overworked muscles in the body. Getting a good stretch in before you seize the day is important!

3. Soothing Hip Lift
While sitting cross-legged on your bed, place both hands behind you and push your chest and hips up in the air, lifting your butt off the bed. You’ll be surprised how good this feels!

4. Get a Leg Up
Stretching your hamstrings gets blood flowing in the muscles of your legs, preventing the possibility of soreness from walking or sitting all day.

5. Replenishing Neck Stretch
Neck pain is one of the most common complaints of people who slept in a weird position. Alleviate annoying soreness quickly with this stretch.

6. Energizing Shoulder Stretch
Loosening your shoulders will increase your flexibility, improve your posture, and open your chest for deep breaths!

7. Neck Strength Stretch
Prevent injuries and promote healing with an easy-to-follow routine and helpful videos that show you how to stretch your neck at any time, even in your office chair.

8. Spine Stretch
Give your spine a healthy twist with this stretch without leaving the bed!

9. The “Hippie” Stretch
A reinvented toe touch stretch – a quick fix to relieve morning soreness!

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