Build Your Glutes at Home with these 7 Exercises

Booty building workout from the comfort of your home!

It’s time to build and tone from the comfort of your own home. Home workouts offer you the flexibility to work out whenever you want while also allowing you to feel comfortable and free when you move. No gawking eyes and no having to wait for other people to clean up or finish their workout. Plus, when it comes to building your glutes, you need time and focus in order to give those large muscles the attention they need. If you’re looking for better a butt, these 7 exercises are perfect for helping you build glutes comfortably at home.

7 Exercises To Build Your Glutes at Home

Build your glutes with this one-legged exercise donkey kicks

This butt workout offers a mix of single-leg and dual-leg exercises. The single-leg exercises will let you focus and isolate each glute individually. The more focus you place on your glutes, the more you’ll be able to keep them engaged for better toning and building. The dual-leg exercises allow you to do more work while also giving your individual legs a bit of rest so that you can push on.

The Booty-Building Routine

For this workout, you’ll need a yoga mat, chair or stool, and an interval timer which most phones have. Since this is a home workout, you won’t need any additional equipment. but if you want to faster results, you can add dumbbells as noted below.

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds, resting 15 seconds in between exercises. For moves that are single-leg, don’t rest when you switch sides. Complete 4 rounds, resting for 1 minute in between rounds. Check out the instructional videos below to ensure that you’re using proper form. Complete this workout three times a week to build your glutes comfortably at home.

  • Single-Leg Squat: These are challenging but necessary moves to build stronger legs and glutes individually. The stability required helps build minor leg muscles which will then support the larger glute muscles. If balancing is an issue, use another chair or counter for weight distribution.
  • Single-Leg Bridge: This is another single-leg exercise that allows you to isolate your glutes. Squeeze your glutes at the top of each lift.
  • Marching Bridge: Dual leg work! Keep your glutes engaged throughout the march to add extra burn for bigger building and burning.
  • Clam shell: Clam shells work minor and major glutes and also help add shape to the side of your butt.
  • Donkey Kicks: These are one of the best butt isolating exercises. Don’t overextend the kickback and be sure to keep your glutes engaged. If you have dumbbells at home, place them in between your inner knee for more resistance and a bigger booty bump.
  • Curtsy Lunge: Curtsy lunges help engage your muscles in a unique way. The side step mixed with a lunge helps build the sides and underneath of your glutes. Be sure to alternate and focus on keeping a good form.
  • Fire Hydrant: One last single-leg exercise to help you focus on isolation and rounding out your glutes.

Workouts need fuel and recovery. Enjoy any of these 20 Pre- and Post-Workout Snacks to keep pushing through this at-home butt workout or to help you refuel once you’re done!

Instructional Videos

Single-Leg Squat

Single-Leg Bridge

Marching Bridge


Donkey Kicks

Curtsy Lunge

Fire Hydrant

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