Coconut Milk Smoothie

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This smoothie is so good that you'll crave it every day!

Try this coconut milk smoothie for an easy morning meal.

Get ready to cheer, coconut lovers! Our Coconut Milk Smoothie is going to knock your socks off! Not only does it offer all the sweet, creamy flavor that you’ve come to adore, but it also contains two added superfood ingredients: bananas and spinach! Plus, it only requires three ingredients to make and it clocks in at only 134 calories per serving. What’s not to love?! It’s one of our favorite smoothie recipes.

We’re a big fan of alternative kinds of milk, especially when it comes to making breakfast smoothies. A coconut milk smoothie is an excellent option for vegans and those who follow dairy-free diets. Coconut milk is full of healthy fats, and it’s a great alternative to cow’s milk. It also gives your smoothie a creamier texture than almond milk, juice, or water. You’ll swear you are enjoying a thick, creamy milkshake (minus all those unhealthy ingredients, of course!).

Drink Smoothies All Day Long

easy smoothie recipe

There are so many ways you can enjoy this Coconut Milk Smoothie. You could definitely drink it all day long! Delicious smoothies are perfect for a liquid breakfast, or you can enjoy them as a mid-morning snack. Need a post-workout pick-me-up? Drink a smoothie as a recovery drink! And, even though it has green ingredients, this smoothie is tasty enough to be a dessert substitution.

Smoothies are great at satisfying your sweet tooth. They taste sweet because they’re often made with fruit (in this case, potassium-rich bananas). That means they don’t need to add any refined sugar, making this Coconut Milk Smoothie much lower in calories than the store-bought variety. When you “hide” extra healthy ingredients like the spinach found in this smoothie, it packs an even more powerful health punch.

Have Fun Experimenting with this Smoothie Recipe

how to make a coconut milk smoothie

Feel free to experiment with “green” food additions in your smoothie. You could swap in kale, chard, or a blend of greens for the spinach to really amp up the nutritional content. You could add more colorful fruits and vegetables, like beta-carotene-rich carrots, blueberries for their antioxidants, or phytonutrient-filled beets. This smoothie is a great template to sneak veggies into a child’s diet. Just put it in a dark-colored glass so they can’t see it’s green!

This simple and delicious three-ingredient Coconut Milk Smoothie is a great way to start your day, and you can customize it any way you like. It’s incredible how rich and flavorful this smoothie is without adding any ice or frozen ingredients! At the end of the day, you won’t believe that something this creamy is actually healthy! (But, we promise you that it is).

4.67 from 21 votes

Coconut Milk Smoothie

Packed with superfoods and delicious flavors, this smoothie will keep you energized throughout your day.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Yield 2 people
Serving Size 1 cup (approximately)
Course Drinks
Cuisine Universal
Author SkinnyMs.


  • 1 1/2 cups coconut milk, or milk of chose carton milk used in this recipe
  • 1 banana frozen
  • 2 cups baby spinach raw


  • Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Add ice for a thicker smoothie.

Nutrition Information

Serving: 1cup (approximately) | Calories: 184kcal | Carbohydrates: 20g | Protein: 2g | Fat: 10g | Saturated Fat: 10g | Sodium: 149mg | Potassium: 379mg | Fiber: 2g | Sugar: 7g | Vitamin A: 2851IU | Vitamin C: 14mg | Calcium: 33mg | Iron: 1mg |
SmartPoints (Freestyle): 11
Keywords Budget-Friendly, dairy-free, Gluten-Free, Keto, Kid-Friendly, Low-Carb, Paleo, Plant-Based, Quick and Easy, Vegan, Vegetarian

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Editor’s Note: This recipe was originally published on March 11, 2012.

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  1. I'm just curious if I'm thinking of the same kind of coconut milk you are – I used Taste of Thai Lite Coconut Milk.

  2. I did this tonight as a coworker has given up on her coconut milk adventure and I got a half gallon out of it. My go to green smoothie has been spinach, pineapple and banana so tonight I added the coconut milk. I can't believe something this creamy is healthy. 

    1. Sarah, I know, can you believe it? I use lite coconut milk all the time. You should check out my fudge recipe on the site. Oh my….YUM!

      1. what about the So Delicious vanilla coconut milk? it 70 calories? and i used it for this recipie and YUM!!!! so so so good! thank you skinny ms!

  3. Yum!!!  Went lactose free only a few days ago and am delighted to find this smoothie!  Don't have to think of substitutes for anything!!!  😀

  4. You may want to clarify what type of coconut milk you want us to use. I bought a brand called Goya and was surprised that 1 cup was almost 400 calories and 200% of my daily saturated fat (it sure was rich tasting!). But today I found a "coconut milk beverage" at Trader Joe's – 1 cup for 60 calories and 25% of saturated fat (first ingredient = filtered water). I saw above that you mentioned Taste of Thai Lite Coconut Milk but wonder how its calories/fat compare to these two very different products with the same name – and which one you want us to use!
    Regardless, I lost five pounds on this detox after the holiday binge – thanks skinnyms!

    1. SkinnierMom, We use canned coconut milk because of its health benefits. If low-cal is a concern, then yes go for a beverage. Thanks!

  5. How strong is the spinach taste? I'm having a real hard time getting my mind to not think this would taste like creamed spinach, which I do not like!

    1. Strictly speaking for myself, I don’t taste the spinach in any smoothie recipe…especially this one. The coconut milk and banana give it a sweetness which negates the spinach.

    1. Ashley, Hmmmmmmm…mango, avocado, pear…something that will have a creamy consistency when blended. 🙂

  6. Jessica, It’s best to mix it up but if that works for you, go for it. It’s all healthy food!

  7. Just made this using canned coconut milk – it's great! I also added 1/4 cup of sunflower seed butter (it's like peanut butter). I wish I had frozen the bananas, though, so that the smoothie would be colder. Thanks for the recipe!

  8. My smoothie in food processor, I use 1/3 cup lite coconut milk, 1/3 cup water, 2 cups spinach,1/4 banana, 3 strawberries, and a scoop of Whey protein powder. Very thick and yummy.

    1. Nancy, That would depend on your dietary needs. Please check with your doctor. I would recommend having your doctor look over our recipes and giving feedback.

    2. Nancy – I am an RN who works with diabetics. The nutrition information above states 15 grams of carbohydrates for half the recipe. That would equal 1 carb choice. Based on that information, this smoothie would be a good choice as part of a meal or as a snack (if you snack). Remember to check the nutrition information for the ingredients you're using and if you drink the whole recipe, double carbs. If you're not familiar with carbohydrate counting or how many carbohydrates you should be eating, please ask at your clinic about getting some diabetic education. Thanks!

  9. I have made something similar before but added cottage cheese for creaminess. In case you are wondering, you don't really taste the cottage cheese. Yummo.

  10. This was delicious!! Thanks for sharing. I added a bit of pea and rice protein and chia seeds. The next day I did the same with a bit of pineapple – it was like a creamy pina colada but good for you. YUMMM!!

  11. I made this drink this morning and have one question, how do you measure a cup of spinach? The leaves don't really fit into a cup unless you smash them in there. I ended up just grabbing a handful and put in the blender, but then I am wondering if that wasn't enough. How many ounces or grams is 1 cup of spinach?

    1. I’m not sure about the weight of spinach since it’s as light as a feather. 🙂 When measuring spinach, unless it states loosely packed, add to a measuring cup and slightly press down the spinach when measuring.

  12. This is by far the best of the smoothies we've tried on the cleanse. It was easy to blend and tastes great. I would highly recommend choosing this one if you're doing the 3-day detox.

  13. i had a shake made of coconut milk, oranges, pineapples, blended and it boosted my body for 3 days i could not beleive the results. full of nutients and i take pills every day for my back. now i will add this to my diet. theres nothing like goya foods. mind you i tried this from a take out from the inner city. yummy try it

  14. i made this and it was lovely !! it really surprised me 🙂 … i'm starting the 3 day detox tomorrow and was wondering if this is for all three day breakfast or if it's just one serving thanks for the recipes i cant wait to try them x

  15. I was very skeptical at first. the whole idea of green smoothies just doesn't appeal to me. But I am trying to eat to be healthier so I started with this one. Surprisingly good. I can see adding pineapple, mangoes, papaya or blueberries for flavor. so far, so good.

    1. Tee, This smoothie was calculated as two servings. You can choose to have it as one serving if you are having it for a meal.

  16. I made this smoothie as a part of the 3-day detox. It was delish! I have one question, however. I read in multiple places online that you shouldn't use canned coconut milk with detoxing. Is that true? I used canned lite coconut milk for this recipe.

    1. Alex S. Yes, you can use canned coconut milk in a detox. You might want to look for a can that says BPA free and get that if there is an option.

    1. You would drink 1 serving of the recipe at a time, so either halve the ingredients or freeze the second half for the next morning.

    1. Hi, Maria.

      Yes, you can make a smoothie with just the coconut milk, banana, and ice. Keep in mind leaving out the spinach will change the nutritional information. However, feel free to add other fruits for veggies to boost the nutritional value in the smoothie!

  17. I’m a little confused. Should I be making half this recipe as part of the detox, or the full one? The nutritional information is for a 1/2 recipe serve.

  18. Hi, I’m doing the 3 day detox and would love to try this one but don’t like coconut milk. Could it be changed for soya milk during the detox?

  19. Right now I can’t have any fruit per the doctor. Is the banana for taste or to thicken? Would I need to add any sweeter (like stevia) to replace the banana?

    1. Virginia, the banana is to both thicken, add taste, and add sweetness. I would recommend substituting avocado for the banana to help with thickness and a sweetened of your choice. Honey or coconut sugar is a great option!

  20. The recipe I see says it serves 4 servings. So for breakfast I am only have 1/4 of the ingredients. This doesn’t sound right. The same for some of the other recipes (salad at lunch, soup for dinner). The measurement and servings seem way off. Please clarify.

  21. I am not a big smoothie person, and I am definitely not a “sneak a vegetable into a smoothie” person. But I was looking for something healthy for my kids, and WE ALL LOVE THIS. It’s a miracle!5 stars

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