Craving a Snack? Curb your Appetite with These 5 Foods

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Lingering hunger can make losing weight a frustrating process. While a well-balanced meal should deliver the nutrients you need to stay full for a while, sometimes it’s not enough to tide you over. And once the tummy grumbles make their grand entrance, ignoring your hungry state can feel nearly impossible! While a sudden appetite can have you reaching for your regular go-tos, like granola bars and crackers, many of these quick and easy store-bought options carry starchy, high-glycemic profiles. Snacks with empty carbs will negatively affect your blood sugar levels and ultimately leave you hungrier!

Luckily, the right foods can help you achieve satiety and prevent overeating from happening. Here at SkinnyMs., we’re hooking you up with our top picks of hunger-busters that’ll prevent you from mindlessly snacking and ultimately piling on the pounds. These foods carry powerful compounds that’ll crush cravings and help you resist temptation. And best of all? They taste great, and won’t add inches to your waistline when enjoyed in moderation!

So don’t let sinister hunger bring you down energy-wise! Keep that metabolism running strong and those belly grumbles at bay with these 5 appetite-curbing foods!

1. Greek Yogurt

Grab a spoon and enjoy Greek yogurt next time hunger strikes between meals! This hunger-buster boasts a thick, creamy texture, which tricks your body into feeling fuller thanks to its satisfying consistency. Plain Greek yogurt packs a major protein punch, which reduces cravings without weighing you down with calories. Meanwhile, the superfood carries healthy bacteria to boost your digestive system!

Besides warding off hunger, Greek yogurt comes in handy in a variety of ways. Check out these 8 Interesting Ways to Use Greek Yogurt to learn more!

Click on How To Make Greek Yogurt to learn how to make this favorite dietary staple yourself!

2. Avocados

Don’t let their calorie-rich resume scare you off! These creamy, buttery fruits carry a boatload of health benefits, and their satiating abilities will keep your calorie intake in check. Experts point to the superfood’s oleic acid as the main compound responsible, as this nutrient activates an area in your brain that boosts feelings of fullness and satiety. Meanwhile, avocados stabilize blood sugar levels thanks to their monounsaturated Omega-9 fats and filling fiber. This stabilization wards off cravings and keeps you from snacking. Sign us up!

The miracle fruit boasts a ton of health benefits, and other incredible uses! Reap all the benefits of avocados by checking out these 21 Benefits of Avocados.

3. Soup

Soup sounds simple, but it’s actually pretty powerful when it comes to controlling hunger and promoting weight loss! Besides comforting you on chilly days, a warm bowl of broth or veggie-based soup tricks your brain and belly into thinking you’re eating something heavier by taking up space in your stomach. Meanwhile, soup takes time to eat, and research shows eating foods slowly increases satiety. Opt for low calorie, high fiber soup recipes as opposed to their creamy, calorie-dense counterparts.

These 15 Detox Soups and Stews will cleanse your system, flush away toxins, and fill you up. Not to mention they taste delicious!

4. Almonds

Calm those hunger pangs by grabbing some almonds! There’s a reason savvy snackers reach for these scrumptious nuts when hunger strikes. Despite their calorie-dense profile, almonds enjoyed in moderation deliver a great balance of monounsaturated fat and protein, which increases satiety. Rich in nutrients like Vitamin E, magnesium, and antioxidants, almonds make your body happy and increase fullness, while helping to boost your metabolism.

Besides keeping your tummy grumbles to a minimum, almonds carry a bunch of health benefits. Here are 6 Reasons to Add Almonds to your Diet.

5. Apples

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but could it keep the pounds away as well? Research indicates yes. The favorite fall fruit contains a great deal of soluble fiber, which keeps you feeling full on little calories. Meanwhile, apples carry ursolic acid, a compound proven to boost your body’s fat-burning activity by revving up your metabolism and promoting lean muscle mass.

Curb hunger while satisfying a sweet tooth when you indulge in these Slow Cooker Cinnamon Apples.

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