8 Interesting Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

ways to use Greek yogurt

Leading a healthy lifestyle can be a challenge when it means sacrificing the fatty, less nutritional, indulgences that you love and crave.  Instead of eliminating a whole dish just because of a few ingredients, why not substitute them with something much better for you, like Greek Yogurt?! Its protein-rich and low- fat properties, creaminess, and versatility can substitute multiple diet crushers in both meals and desserts. Plus, we bet you won’t even be able to taste the difference. Check out these 8 ways to use Greek yogurt!

8 Interesting Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

1. Substitute Greek Yogurt for Cream Cheese

Mix plain Greek yogurt with plain gelatin or flour in order to attain the consistency of traditional cream cheese. Use it as a spread for bagels or crackers, and even to make a cheesecake!

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2. Use Greek Yogurt as a Sour Cream Substitution

Believe it or not, Greek yogurt contains the same bite as sour cream. Top off chili and tacos with a dollop of Greek yogurt. Have you tried our Spicy Chili with Fire Roasted Tomatoes?

3. Add it to Guacamole

Make your signature guacamole with a layer of Greek yogurt on top before serving. Not only will it add protein to your dish, it will preserve the avocados by preventing them from turning brown before company arrives (simply mix the guacamole when you’re ready to eat). Be sure to try our Guacamole Verde.

4. Use it in Deviled Eggs

Instead of preparing this classic finger food with mayo during your next cookout or get-together, use plain Greek yogurt to get the same flavor without the fat. Check out our recipe for Skinny Deviled Eggs.

5. Marinate Chicken and Fish with Greek Yogurt

Replace the oils and butter in your usual marinades with Greek yogurt. Your dishes will still have a great flavor and tenderness, but they won’t threaten to your waistline.

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6. Make Pancakes and Waffles Healthier

Substitute buttermilk with Greek yogurt when preparing pancakes and waffles, and use any flavor of yogurt and mixed berries to top them off, instead of syrup and whipped cream. You’ll eliminate the excess sugar and that sluggish feeling after eating a big breakfast. Skinny Ms. has dozens of healthy Breakfast Recipes that will satisfy your tastebuds!

7. Have a “Banana Split” for Breakfast or Dessert

Yes, you can have a satisfying dessert without remorse! Use any desired flavor of Greek yogurt (we suggest vanilla or pineapple), and mix in bananas, sliced almonds, berries, jelly and an optional dark chocolate drizzle, which is low in fat and serves as a great antioxidant! For more of a dessert feel, put the yogurt in the freezer before hand.

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8. Use Greek Yogurt to Fight Back Against Pollen Allergies

Who would have thought that Greek yogurt could remedy your worst seasonal allergy attacks. When suffering from pollen allergies, antibodies in your blood stimulate the release of histamine, which causes runny nose, watery eyes, and constant sneezing. Consuming probiotic Greek yogurt, which contains good bacteria, called Lactobacillus casei, can relieve these uncomfortable allergy symptoms. It even balances bacteria in your digestive system and prevents your immune system from overreacting to pollen exposure.

bread made with Greek yogurt

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Have you discovered a new way to use Greek Yogurt in your favorite recipe? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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  1. I mix plain non-fat Greek yogurt into hummus — about 2/3 hummus to 1/3 yogurt, or to taste. Adds lots of protein and enhances the flavor of the hummus.

    1. I just tried Greek yogurt chicken salad. I didn't think it would be good without mayo but it seems to work. Way less calories too.

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