Drop the Pounds Quickly and Safely for Spring Break

Fast is not always best. Do it right with these tips, eating-plans, and workout programs!

Beach season is rapidly approaching. Are you ready? If not, don’t freak out. You still have plenty of time to shed those excess inches before vacation. There’s no reason to go jumping into a drastic – and potentially harmful – fitness regimen. Instead, apply the guidelines below to your lifestyle, choose a healthy eating plan, and participate in an effective workout program. They will help you drop the pounds quickly and safely for spring break.

Be Wary of Programs that Advertise “Fast” Results

Fitness plans promising fast results become pretty appealing as the warmer weather approaches. You must understand, however, that a large portion of these weight-loss regimens are risky. They’re also unreliable, especially if you’re expecting long-term results.

Your health should always be your number one priority. Any diet or routine that puts your health at unnecessary risk is not worth your time. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t challenge yourself, but you need to know your limits. Feeling overly hungry, confused, exhausted, or sore all the time are good indicators that you’re pushing yourself too hard.

We know you want to lose weight in time for spring break, but participating in a reckless fitness plan will not only negatively impact your weight loss, but it can also be detrimental to your overall health. It could also cause you to miss your trip altogether!

Drop the Pounds Quickly and Safely for Spring Break

According to the CDC, a healthy amount of weight to lose each week is 1-2 pounds. While that may not seem like a lot, after 4-6 weeks, you can be down 12 pounds! You (and everyone else) will notice the difference when you throw on that bikini!

We’ll start off with the healthy guidelines that you can put into practice every day in order to lose weight safely and steadily.

Set Healthy (and Obtainable) Daily Goals

First, give yourself a daily goal to hit. Obviously, this isn’t going to be a weight loss goal. Instead, choose something like, “I’m going to hit 10,000 steps today,” or, “I’m going to skip sugary drinks and only drink water.” Goals that are attainable and give you something to work towards have been proven to keep you on track!

Speaking of water, you should be drinking at least 64 ounces daily. Fill up a jug and carry it with you wherever you go!

Stop Weighing Yourself So Often

This next one may take a little while to get used to, but I promise it’s helpful! Stop weighing yourself every day. Did you know that your body weight can fluctuate up to 6 pounds a day?! This is precisely why we don’t want you stepping on the scale every morning. Choose one day each week that you will weigh yourself. Write it down and put the scale away until next week.

Why is this so important? Because the human mind is incredibly tricky. Failing to see a change in the scale day after day can be discouraging, and you may want to give up. Don’t let this happen to you! Instead of focusing on weight, pay attention to how healthy you’ve been and how good you feel! A positive mindset can make all the difference.

Adopt a Healthy Eating Plan

Weight gain comes from consuming too many calories day after day. I want you to remember that the best diet is simply the one that you can adhere to the longest.

Too many diets take a drastic approach to weight loss. Starving yourself will cause your metabolism to crash, leading to weight retention and perhaps even weight gain. Likewise, depriving yourself of a macronutrient (like dietary fat) will eventually create a potentially dangerous nutrient deficiency. Your body requires a certain amount of protein, carbohydrates, fat, and calories to sustain itself and function optimally.

With that being said, there are two steps you should take with your diet if you want to drop the pounds quickly and safely for Spring Break.

First, you need to know How Many Calories You Should Be Eating Daily in Order to Lose Weight. This will greatly depend on your age, height, current weight, activity level, etc. Eating the correct number of calories for your body and goals will allow you to get in shape faster!

Once you know how many calories you need daily, you can choose the eating plan that is right for you. Remember to choose wisely. For example, if you love to eat lots of fruit, vegetables, oatmeal, or bread, a low-carb diet probably won’t work for you.

Check out the following popular eating plans and choose the one that best fits your preferences:

After you’ve decided on a meal plan, you’ll also want to learn How to Meal Prep for Your Weight Loss Plan.

Workout Routines

Choosing the correct workout plan is just as important as choosing the right eating plan. It is imperative that you look forward to – and enjoy – your workouts! For instance, if you physically can’t run, you shouldn’t choose a running program. Instead, pick a training routine that utilizes HIIT or other body weight exercise.

Working out regularly will significantly increase your rate of weight loss, helping you reach your beach-body goals even faster. The following programs incorporate cardiovascular exercise, strength training, and a flexibility element. These three things will provide you with an effective and safe, weight loss regimen!

Unfortunately, most of us can’t safely lose several pounds per week, but you can make a significant difference in your health and appearance with consistent effort. Obviously, the more time you give yourself before your spring break trip, the better off you’ll be, so start right now! Don’t put it off another minute longer! Apply the healthy guidelines from above and start eating right and exercising today.

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