7-Day Gym-Free Workout Plan

Lose fat, tone up, and save money with this awesome, week long, at-home workout plan!

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to belong to a gym to get a great workout in. There are several amazing reasons to work out at home, the most obvious being that you can save tons of money by not having to pay monthly membership fees. Following an at-home workout routine also provides you with a more flexible schedule. The most common excuse for skipping a workout is “not enough time”. With an at-home routine, you can work out when you have the time. This 7-day gym-free workout plan will show you how to get fit, from the comfort of your own home!

Over the course of the seven days, you will perform workouts that target all of the major muscle groups. Not only will this help you burn more fat, but it will help you build more muscle, too! Ready to get started? Let’s do it!

Healthy Eating Tips

It’s important for you to realize that in order to get in shape, you must eat right and perform a regular exercise routine. There are a few basic guidelines to follow to keep your diet on track.

1. Drink plenty of water; at least 64 ounces, each day.

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2. Eat more protein. A general rule of thumb is to get 1 gram for every pound of body weight. For example, if you weight 135 lbs. you would try to get 135 grams of protein, each day.

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3. Eat more soluble fiber. Aim for 25 grams per day to keep yourself from feeling hungry.

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4. Limit sugar intake. The American Heart Association recommends that women consume no more than 25 grams of added sugar per day.

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5. Eat more whole foods. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, but you should make sure your carbs are coming from whole grains. They are more nutritious and generally much less calorie-dense than processed foods.

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Combining these healthy eating tips with this 7-day workout plan will get you the results you’re looking for.

7-Day Gym-Free Workout Plan

What you need: a yoga mat or towel and an interval timer

What to do: Perform the designated workouts for each day. You can choose to complete them both at one time, or you can perform one in the morning and one at night. Day 4 is your rest day, where you are asked to take it easy and stretch out with a yoga routine. You can choose to move your rest day around to better suit your schedule.

Day 1 – Sunday

The Crossfit workout combines cardio exercise with moves that will target all of your body parts. Then, the ab workout will tone and tighten your core.

Day 2 – Monday

Day two will work your upper body and lower body! First, you’ll train your core, and then you’ll dive into a lower-body workout that includes exercises like squats, deadlifts, glute bridges, and more!

Day 3 – Tuesday

Today includes two full-body workouts. The fat-burning moves combined with the muscle-toning exercises will help you achieve some seriously awesome results!

Day 4 – Wednesday

Rest Day – 10-Minute Beginners Yoga Workout for Balance

Rest is just as important as training! Use this recovery day to relax and recharge!

Day 5 – Thursday

Today’s workouts include a high-intensity interval training routine with an ab strength training workout. Routines like this are the best way to sculpt a beautiful tummy!

Day 6 – Friday

HIIT workouts are known for their fat-melting and muscle-toning abilities. The first 15-minute workout will burn calories while the second workout includes exercises like push-ups, squats, bird dogs, calf raises, and more muscle-building exercises!

Day 7 – Saturday

We’re finishing this 7-day workout plan with two awesome routines! The first will target your upper body and the second will challenge your lower body by working your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves!

Ready to Up the Difficulty?

Our Simple Total-Body Dumbbell Circuit Workout is an effective routine for all fitness levels.

It will take a few weeks, but once your body gets used to bodyweight exercises, you’ll need to increase the difficulty of the workouts. There are a few different ways to do this!

1. You can get yourself a dumbbell or two, or even a kettlebell, to add in some resistance to the muscle-building exercises. Hold one (or two) during squats, glute bridges, calf raises, and more.

2. Using a barbell is another fantastic way to challenge yourself! This is a great step up from dumbbells because you can increase the resistance even further. Instead of body weight squats, start doing barbell back squats. This is a great way to burn more fat and tone more muscle!

3. If you don’t have any workout equipment at home, increasing the number of sets and reps is another awesome way to challenge yourself. A greater training volume will lead to greater weight loss and strength gains!

4. Increase the number of training sessions. Have you ever heard of two-a-days? It’s exactly what it sounds like: two workouts per day! And while you’re already performing two workouts a day with this plan, you can bump up the training frequency even more by performing them both, once in the morning and once at night! Who’s up for that challenge?!

5. Add in more cardio! In addition to the daily workouts, try to add more movement into your day! Set a daily step goal, take the stairs, or hop on the treadmill. Alternatively, you can go for a bike ride or swim after work! If you move more, you’ll burn more!

The Takeaway

This 7-day gym-free workout plan will prove that it is possible to get in shape without ever stepping foot inside a gym. Your body is truly the only piece of equipment that you need! Maintaining a healthy diet and regular workout routine will keep you on the path to success. The more consistent you can be, the better!

Try this week-long program out and let us know what you think in the comment section below!

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