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If you like Jillian Michaels, her new interactive fitness adventure workout debut on Xbox 360 might be just what you need to take your fitness routine to the next level. Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure is a real adventure workout that takes you through mission-based challenges set in a lush jungle. Along with the personal training from Jillian, this game features a variety of tools to make this your new favorite resource in achieving your fitness goals.

Take a quick look at Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure on Xbox 360 Kinect:

What Does This Game Offer?
This hot new workout game provides multiple exercise modes including “Fitness Adventure,” “Fitness Training,” and “Circuit Training.” Each mode provides different benefits.

Fitness Adventure: A mode designed around a combination of running, jumping and climbing movements all in a wild jungle setting. Each player goes through 58 predefined circuits which include a series of 4 exercises all while jogging around obstacles to increase intensity, and to make the workout more fun. The fast-paced action game automatically blends in exercises each player has learned throughout other modes and at the end of every level, the players receive a score based on their own time, and accuracy. Scores are posted to leaderboards, to add a little competitive motivation to the experience.

Fitness Training: This mode offers participants the option to work out at their own pace providing a variety of individual exercises at varying difficulties. Designed to improve specific skills, and allow players to refine body movements and increase agility, and endurance.

Circuit Training: Includes 10 exercise circuits all chosen by Jillian herself to help you design a customized workout that fits your personal preferences. With 3 different difficulty levels you can organize a workout to start simple, then step it up, and add equipment for a workout that delivers the intensity you want, and the speed you prefer.

Other Features
This cutting-edge game allows you to use your own equipment with training programs that easily integrate dumbbells, resistance bands, kettlebells, steps and ankle weights. The game also features workouts and training exercises that utilize body weight to get you in shape without the use of any additional equipment. Personalizing your workout is easy when you combine exercises and training methods already build in, or just build your own challenges to change up the routine. It’s easy to stay motivated as the game maintains track of your stats and progress with a calendar for statistical tracking so you can see which days you worked out from the day you started. Get detailed information on your personal calorie burn, the circuits you completed and how much time you spent exercising, then share your results and compete with others through the online leaderboards provided by Xbox Live. Jillian monitors the leaderboards and winners are announced on her Facebook page. Order your copy of the new Jillian Michaels Fitness Adventure game here today!

Wanna see more? Here is a short video as a beginner goes through one of the levels of Fitness Adventure:

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