How to Achieve Toned and Defined Muscles

Get the muscles you've always wanted!

Toned muscles or defined muscles? How do you want to sculpt your body, and what is your ultimate goal? If you strive to loose weight, get toned or get ripped and look like a professional athlete or bikini model you will have to do lots of cardiovascular workouts, as well as varied weightlifting routines, constantly upping the amounts of the weights you use. The types of workouts you do will have a huge impact on whether or not you achieve your goal, and having your goal in mind (especially when it comes to achieving toned but not overly defined muscles, or chiseled abs, chest and butt) means the difference between achieving it, or missing the mark.

When establishing your goals, it’s always good to get an accurate assessment of where you are to begin with. Check out this At Home Fitness Assessment to see what you are capable of doing, so that later on it’ll be easier to see and experience your progress.

At times it may seem that it is taking much longer than you anticipated to see the defined, or toned results, or even your goal weight – the pounds won’t just melt away, but with a fitness test you’ll be able to see your progress even in the beginning stages. And during the times when you are struggling with a plateau, you’ll be able to notice your progress in smaller increments.

If you’re afraid that you’ll get too bulky by lifting heavy weights, or you have nightmares about your feminine physique becoming “manly” it’s ok! You aren’t alone, but that fear doesn’t mean that you should just continue to lift light weights, because you can never achieve more than just a lightly toned body if you’re using 5 pound dumbbells for more than a few weeks. To get defined muscles, (a six pack, tight glutes or sexy calves) you have to do lots of cardio, (to burn off the layers of fat that cover your muscles) and do progressive and even heavy strength training. In order to continue to see weight loss results you have to change up the amount of weight, sets, and repetitions of your routines.

If you think about it, by doing the same thing over and over, it would be illogical to think that you would see changes in your weight loss. Check out this great article (including workout) that addresses the “Bulky” Myth and why it’s important to change up the amount of weights you use in your workouts.

Want to add a more variety to your regimen? Check Out these 5 Muscle-Building Workouts:

1. The Beautiful Body WorkoutThis workout offers fat burning plus it builds muscle tone in your biceps, back, shoulders, glutes and legs. You will need water, 2-4 sets of dumbbells of varying weights and either a chair or flat bench. Be sure to watch the video demos before beginning the workout.

2. Awesome Back WorkoutThis is an advanced workout designed for anyone who already has a little muscle tone and is used to working out. This particular workout is designed to do in the gym, review the videos below for correct form.

3. Kick Start Workout – Get your heart pumping and work biceps, shoulders, lower body and abs! Circuits combine cardiovascular exercise with weight training. This workout is designed to burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

4. Get Tight Glutes Fast: 15 Minute WorkoutThis workout helps tone, define and build muscles when done two or more times a week. You will need water, a stable chair (a kitchen chair will do fine) and a set of dumbbells. Review each video for correct form.

5. Tighter, Toned Butt & Legs 3-Move Workout Get a gorgeous butt & legs with only 3 moves! Squats, lunges & deadlifts will take your lower body to the next level, with this circuit routine that will burn fat, tighten, tone and define your butt & legs.

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