How To Change Your Eating Habits in 30 Days

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Eating habits are hard to break, especially the ones we’ve been living with since childhood. But you have the power to change. In fact, you can start today. We’re sharing a week-by-week guide on how to change your eating habits in 30 days.

If you’re reading this, you’re not happy with your current habits. You understand that it’s time for a transformation. But maybe you’re not sure where to start. We’ve broken down a strategy for how to eat healthy into small, doable steps. Make these steps part of your routine. Over time, you can change your eating habits and how you look and feel!

Learning how to eat healthy is one part of the path to a slimmer and fitter you. When you’re ready to start or amp up your exercise habits, check out Workouts for Beginners, Fat Blasters, and Fitness Challenges.

Week 1 |  Focus: Plan menus.

  • Make time to plan.
    If you don’t do so already, set aside time before each grocery trip to plan what you’ll eat for the next week. This helps you avoid resorting to unhealthy packaged foods or takeout because you can’t answer “What’s for dinner?” Use the FREE Clean-Eating Menu Planner to make healthy shopping easier.
  • Plan menus with clean-eating foods.
    Choosing a clean eating lifestyle means eating foods that are minimally-processed or whole. It’s eating a fresh apple instead of packaged, artificially-sweetened applesauce. These foods are often found around the perimeter of the grocery store, like in the produce department. Discover tasty meal ideas with SkinnyMs. Recipes.
  • Plan for snacks, too.
    Healthy snacks are just as important as meals. They help maintain blood sugar levels and provide the body with more consistent energy levels. Don’t find yourself with a hand in the chip bag to stave off hunger. Plan for nutritious snacks and put them on your shopping list. Add some of these 50 Clean Eating Snacks.

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