Love Handle Challenge

Blast love handles with these handy tips!

Skinny Ms. challenges you to get rid of those love handles. As moms we have many things to “handle” throughout the day, but OUR “love” handles should NOT be one of them! Love handles are essentially on the top layer of the back, or latissimus dorsi muscle, not the stomach. So, they are only eliminated by performing back exercises or through proper nutrition.

So, you are being challenged to eat healthier and exercise to specifically lose those pesky love handles! Skinny Ms. has put together some exercises, foods, as well as advice to get you started to succeed at this month’s challenge! Below, check out Yoga and Pilates for love handles, on video.

Take our Love Handle Challenge:

Do more yoga.  The Gate Posture is a great move to get rid of love handles. Here’s how to do it: Begin on your knees with your stomach pulled up and in, tailbone dropping down, and hands on hips. Extend your left leg to the left with knee facing up, toes pointed down, and heel on the floor. Slide your left hand as far as you can down your leg, keeping your right hip over your right knee. Reach your right arm up and overhead to the left, rotating your chest up toward the ceiling. Pull your abs in to keep pressure off your lower back. Hold for 10–15 breaths, then return to starting position and repeat on the other side. Do full cycle 3–5 times.

While you’re at it, try Skinny Ms. Top 10 Fitness Workouts!

Love Handle Challenge2

Take up Pilates. Pilates training, which emphasizes your core, stamina and flexibility, has renewed this well-known move and encouraged trainers to teach it properly. Pilates teaches mind-body awareness and correct alignment of muscles and joints, all of which are imperative to get the most out of exercises — without injury. The abdominal cycle is a great way to improve posture and help get rid of love handles. Try this exercise at least 5-7 times a week to get rid of love handles:

Lie on your back, bend your knees and lift your feet off the floor. Start with your knees directly over hips and your hands behind your head. Keep your chin inward, neck relaxed and forearms relaxed on the floor. Start by pulling your belly button in toward your spine as you exhale. You should experience a “hollowing” of your abdominals inward. With your torso still, inhale, relax and repeat this step, until you feel your abdominals tighten. Exhale as you pull your abdominals further in. Curl up, lifting your shoulders off the floor and drawing your ribs toward your hips. As you curl up, lift your right shoulder diagonally across your body toward your left hip, now at the same time straightening your right leg. Pause. Inhale. Exhale while you pull your right knee back in and lower your right shoulder to the floor. Repeat on the other side. Repeat this exercise for 2-3 sets doing 10 repetitions each side.

Now that you’ve been given a couple of exercises to start your Skinny Ms. “love” handle challenge, let’s try looking at some great snacks you can have while trying to strengthen your sides and mid-section.

Eat darkly colored foods, instead of white, bleached foods will reduce your caloric intake and begin to reduce the fat storage around your mid-section. Try plums, red grapes, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, beets, kale, and carrots in your daily diet. Also try Five  Essential Nutrients that Accelerate Weight Loss.

Drink plenty of water. Also, try lemon water to aid in digestion and flushes toxins quickly and effectively. Replacing sodas with lemon water will ensure inches to be lost from the waistline.

Don’t skip meals;you should be consuming 6 small meals a day otherwise your cortisol levels will spike and stress hormones are produced. Also, NEVER skip breakfast! You’ve been fasting for at least 6 hours or more; don’t add to it. Always try something high in protein to get you going – none of that sweet stuff. Be sure to get enough sleep! Like we previously mentioned when cortisol levels spike, you crave sweets and this usually happens when you’re exhausted and need that extra boost. Speaking of cravings, take a look at Diet Saboteurs – Foods to Keep Out of Reach and Your Diet.

Pilates for Love Handles

Yoga for Love Handles

So, there you have it – exercises, foods, and great advice to get you started to succeed in our Skinny Ms. “love” handle challenge! Let us know how you’re doing!

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  1. Ok…. I'm in. But could you show a skinnier model who has NO love handles???? I just don't get it. I get the motivation…. but the poor waif with the tape wrapped around her? LOL She doesn't even know what a tape measure is!

  2. I have a very hard time not skipping meals. I work in an office with a sedatary job from 8-5 but I'm also totting kids back and forth from two different schools and all of their extra-curricular activities. Not to mention shopping and household things that need to be done. Do you have any suggestions? What can I be doing to make 6 meals a day?

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