30 No-Bake Paleo Energy Bite Recipes

Power up so you don't have to slow down!

No Bake Almond Cranberry Balls

4. Raspberry Swirl Raw Cheesecake Cups

These cups by A Saucy Kitchen are bite-size, paleo, vegan, and gluten-free! I love taking them with me when I’m out and about at night because that’s when my sweet tooth REALLY kicks in. There’s nothing better than having a healthy, sweet energy bite handy when the cravings startup–because let’s be real…they never stop once they start!

5. Vegan Nutella Energy Bites

Calling all Nutella lovers! Alex from Delish Knowledge has created these Vegan Nutella Energy Bites and, despite the title, they don’t contain any Nutella…well, none of the store-bought kind anyway.

To be honest, I think these taste even better than Nutella. Don’t believe me? What if I told you that I actually don’t really care for Nutella, but absolutely love these energy bites?! On top of their yummy flavor, they also fill me up with energy thanks to all of their nutritious ingredients.

6. 4 Ingredient Paleo Vegan Coconut No-Bake Bites

Did you read the title of this recipe created by The Big Man’s World?! Did you see that it says “4 ingredient”?! And “paleo”?! And “vegan”?! And “no bake”?!

Just from the title, you can tell how quick and easy this recipe is, while also being paleo and vegan! They require only five minutes, one bowl, and (as you know) just 4 ingredients. Oh, and once you do make these energy bites and try them (which you should), you’ll want to make them over and over and over again…especially if you’re as big of a fan of coconut as I am!

7. No Bake Banana Bread Bites

Let’s stick with this theme of no baking, shall we?! These No Bake Banana Bread Bites, also by The Big Man’s World, are just as delicious as the last ones.

I made these a couple of weeks ago (they went by REAL fast), and plan to make them again this coming weekend. Yup, you guessed it–I’m going to take them with me on a hike! They taste just like banana bread…just in yummy, bite-sized pieces!

Note: Make sure to follow the paleo version of the recipe!

8. No-Bake Carrot Cake Energy Bites

Carrot cake is one of my favorite desserts, especially around the holidays. With that being said, it’s really hard for me to turn a slice down, and it’s also not good for me to always give into my desire for a slice. So, I’ve fallen in love with Jessica In the Kitchen’s No-Bake Carrot Cake Energy Bites as a healthy, paleo alternative that I can even take with me when I’m on the move!

9. No Bake Brownie Energy Bites

Jessica in the Kitchen must know my weaknesses because she satisfied another craving of mine with these No Bake Brownie Energy Bites. You get the flavor of a brownie without any of the guilt, dairy, or tons of artificial sugar!

I also love satisfying my brownie cravings with our Paleo Fudge Brownies!

10. Key Lime Pie Energy Bites

Okay, I cannot get enough of these recipes that turn amazing, yet unhealthy desserts into delicious, healthy, paleo energy bites! These bites by Peas and Crayons taste just like key lime pie…key lime pie if it was able to be eaten on-the-go, that is!

11. Chocolate Cherry Energy Bites

Remember Chocolate Larabar copycat recipe earlier on this list (number six)? Well, this recipe by Peas and Crayons is yet another Larabar copycat recipe. This one mimics the unbeatable flavors of Chocolate Chip Cherry Torte Larabars–my favorite Larabars!

Since they are my favorite flavor of Larabars, you better believe that these bites are often part of my Sunday meal prep! They’re currently one of my favorite snacks to grab when I’m rushing out the door on weekday mornings. Plus, kids are sure to love them too!

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