Not Seeing the Abs You Want? Try the Trifecta!

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We all have a target area that we’d like to tone and define. Heck, maybe some of us have two or three! But spot reduction means that you need to have a strategy. Crunches alone won’t shred your abs, bicep curls won’t tone your arms on their own, and squats won’t singlehandedly give you the butt you want.

The Huffington Post ran an article that sums up what SkinnyMs. often tells readers. You can’t rely on one type of exercise to get those fabulous arms or that rippling stomach you’re looking for! According to the piece, many people look for key exercises that promise results in specific areas of the body, but aren’t getting what they want, because they’re missing out on two other important fitness factors: cardio and diet!

At SkinnyMs., we love a good ab challenge, butt workout, or leg toning routine. But we also know that no one will see those strong, defined muscles unless you burn the fat that’s covering them! To get great abs, target those muscles several times per week, but make sure that you’re working off more calories than you take in each week, by sticking to a clean, healthy diet, and doing a few days of cardio per week as well. This trifecta works perfectly to get you results. As you strength train your arms, abs, or butt, the muscle you’re building will help to burn fast more quickly when you perform cardio and watch your diet. Combine all three to achieve your fitness goals!

Source: The Huffington Post

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