Oil-Free Chocolate Muffins | Plant-Based Desserts

Vegan desserts done right!

Oil-Free Chocolate Muffins | Ultimate Vegan Desserts

When made exactly as described below, these vegan, gluten-free, and oil-free chocolate muffins are shockingly delicious. They have a similar firmness, moisture, and taste as the best muffins you’ve ever made using flour, eggs and butter. The rich chocolate flavor of these muffins is extraordinarily satisfying when topped with my 3-Ingredient Banana Frozen Dessert.

Before you start thinking it’s not possible to make vegan, plant-based oil-free chocolate muffins – read on! We have a secret ingredient that makes this recipe 100% vegan without sacrificing flavor or texture. Can you guess what it is?

Actually…there are two secret ingredients

Oil-Free Chocolate Muffins | Ultimate Vegan Desserts

Okay, I said there was a secret ingredient…but there are actually two. The first one is pretty easy to guess. It’s organic cacao powder, and think again if you thought that wasn’t a vegan ingredient. It’s naturally occurring so it counts as plant-based and it’s Whole30, Paleo, and Keto-friendly, too!

Please note that organic cacao powder is NOT the same as cocoa powder. The difference is that cacao powder is simply ground cacao beans, the main ingredient of chocolate. Cocoa powder is generally made from a mixture of cacao powder, sugar, and milk or milk-based dairy products.

Because cacao powder is a pure form of cacao beans, that means it’s really the essence of chocolate. It doesn’t need any additives or preservatives, so you won’t need to check the ingredients label (but, you should, just in case someone’s trying to pull a fast one). So, enjoy this ingredient as often as you like, guilt-free!

Black Beans for Dessert

Oil-Free Chocolate Muffins | Ultimate Vegan Desserts

Yes, this is the real secret ingredient – black beans. Don’t be nervous about using the beans specified in this recipe – the beans just provide the body for the muffin. Pureeing the beans is the latest and greatest in gluten-free baking, especially when chocolate is involved. This muffin definitely won’t taste like you’re eating Mexican food (although, black beans also make some pretty tasty vegan tacos).

When the beans break down, they create the perfect environment for the moist applesauce and banana. No flour needed (not even gluten-free flour mixes) to bring this mixture together for an amazingly textured muffin. You also won’t need (or miss) any butter or eggs. When prepared as specified, your muffins will be moist with a slightly molten core. It’ll be like a melting chocolate muffin, and you’ll never want to make them another way again.

If you’re still worried about the taste, please trust me – the chocolate flavor and coconut sugar will completely mask the bean’s flavor. As a bonus, this insanely tasty oil-free chocolate muffin will be high in protein and packed full of fiber. Who could hate on that? Certainly not me, and we hope you’ll give them a try. If they worked out, tell us in the comments!

Equipment Recommended:

Nonstick 12 cup standard size muffin tin

Standard size paper baking cup liners

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    1. Arrowroot powder is often found in the baking aisle, usually near flour, chia seeds, flour substitutes, etc. You may need to ask an associate at your store for the exact location.

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