6 Smart Ways to Cut Calories from Your Daily Intake

Cutting calories the smart ways will yield results you can count on.

The concept of losing weight is easy- burn more calories than you eat. Unfortunately, applying this model proves itself easier said than done. It’s important to learn smart ways to cut calories.

Simply cutting back cold turkey on cals without any underlying plan will likely have you feeling sluggish and absurdly hungry, while slashing your motivation levels. Over time, this will pump the breaks on your metabolism and energy, causing your body to cling to the calories you consume rather than burn them.

Calorie burning shouldn’t involve depriving yourself, but rather making smart swaps and practicing healthy habits that are doable in the long term. Luckily, with just a few simple tricks executed on the daily, you can slash calories from your intake without even realizing it! Here at Skinny Ms., we’ve gathered up some of our favorite calorie-cutting tips that’ll make it easy to shed those pesky pounds, without leaving you feeling starved and slothful. Let’s get started!

1. Pack some protein into your breakfast.

Breakfast might be the most important meal of the day, but what you choose to break your fast with is just as (if not more!) important! Arguably the most important nutrient for weight loss, protein curbs the appetite and keeps you from overeating. Additionally, it takes more calories for your body to metabolize protein than any other nutrient, meaning you burn more calories when you up that protein intake. Because the nutrient truly satisfies, starting your morning with a protein-rich breakfast will send more fullness signals to your brain and have you consuming fewer calories throughout the entire day.

Need ideas? Jumpstart your day with one of these 15 High Protein Breakfasts for Getting Fit.

2. Eat with your non dominant hand.

The act of eating is oftentimes mindless. When ravenous, you might realize you’ve inhaled your entire meal without even taking in the visual presentation beforehand. Using your non-dominant hand to eat forces you to give food your undivided attention, and channel different parts of your brain to complete a task you’re totally not used to. Disrupting previously-established patterns pulls you out of your comfort zone and allows you to pay attention to each and every single bite. This eliminates the possibility of passive chowing and continuing to eat after feeling full. This boost of mindfulness will have you eating more slowly, and feeling full faster. As a result, you’ll take in fewer calories each day and slip into a slimmer pants size before you know it!

3. Use smaller plates!

As human beings, we’re visual creatures. Consequently, what we see (or perceive to see) can play tricks on our mind, and contribute directly to how we feel. This image concept goes for food especially! For example, if someone hands you a plate piled high with food, you’re likely to feel full after cleaning that plate since you perceived a great deal of food on it. That said, using smaller plates can serve as a powerful optical illusion when mealtime rolls around. Experts notice a direct link between smaller plates and weight loss, since smaller plates lends to smaller portion sizes and fewer calories consumed overall. So save those 12-inch plates for dinner parties and gatherings, and opt for some 8 or 10-inchers instead. The pound-shedding results of this effortless tip will astound you!

An essential part of losing weight, proper portion control will help you create that calorie deficit you need to shed pounds. Portion Control: Simple Ways to Cut Calories for Weight Loss hooks you up with the info you need to start losing inches today.

4. Pre-game your meal.

…with an apple, that is! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but research shows it might keep the pounds away as well! High in fiber and water, grabbing an apple half an hour before dinnertime will help you feel fuller before your meal starts, and ultimately help you maintain control of how much you’re eating. Meanwhile, the juicy superfoods stabilize blood sugar levels, preventing rapid rises and falls that can trigger false hunger signals and lead to overeating. And finally, the pectin in apples acts as a powerful appetite suppressant, making this healthy, downright delicious fruit a perfect pre-meal indulgence.

5. Easy with the alcohol.

Although the seductive beverage loosens you up and invites heavy laughs and good times, alcohol is by no means a diet food. In fact, alcohol tops the charts on our list of fattening foods! Never underestimate the caloric weight each drink carries; a standard glass of wine, for example, clocks in at 150 calories while a measly shot of vodka carries 100. These add up quickly, and because the empty calories in alcohol provide no nutritional value, your drink has no value besides fat storage at the end of the day. Alcohol also halts your body’s calorie-burning abilities, ultimately slowing down your metabolism and inviting those extra pounds. Yikes!

If you’re a regular wine drinker or happy hour indulger, try cutting back significantly or going alcohol free for a period of time. You’ll slash a boatload of calories from your regular intake and slim down, while morphing your body chemistry into one that torches calories at a faster rate.

Learn more about the weight-gaining impact of alcohol by checking out Happy Hour and Your Waistline.

6. Drink only water. 

Drinking only water, and a lot of it, will melt pounds and keep them off. But trust us- we understand this task is easier said than done! Cutting out all beverages from your diet, including your morning coffee, OJ at breakfast, glass of milk, mid-afternoon iced tea, and wine at dinner seems almost unimaginable, and nearly impossible at the very start. But over time, your body will adapt and the high quantities of water you consume will boost your energy levels, suppress your appetite, cleanse your system, and wash those pesky pounds away. Not to mention replacing every caloric beverage with water shaves off a substantial chunk of calories from your daily intake.

Learn more about why water makes the ultimate weight loss weapon by reading The Role of Water in Your Weight Loss!

An essential part of losing weight, proper portion control will help you create that calorie deficit you need to shed pounds. Portion Control: Simple Ways to Cut Calories for Weight Loss hooks you up with the info you need to start losing inches today.

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