Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge

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The Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge is a 24 minute high-intensity, fat-burning workout. This challenge is for anyone who has a desire to lose weight, body fat and inches.

This Boot Camp is the type of interval training that is designed to burn fat by alternating between high intensity and low intensity exercise. For example, run at a high intensity for 30 seconds, rest for 15 seconds, then repeat the sequence for a specified number of times or minutes. Short periods of high intensity exercise followed by periods of rest, burn more calories and subsequently more body fat than maintaining a steady pace.

Equipment Needed: Interval Timer (free apps available in your app store)

What to Do: Perform all 8 exercises at 100%-intensity for 30 seconds each; rest for 15 seconds before moving onto the next exercise. Take time to have a sip of water and catch your breath during rest periods. Complete the circuit 4 times for a 24-minute high-intensity workout. Watch the videos below before beginning your workout.

Complete Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp three day per week, on non-consecutive days. The challenge lasts for 30 days, or longer if you choose.

To achieve optimal results, incorporate a clean-eating plan.

The Summer Fat Burning Boot Camp Challenge Exercises:

1. Jumping Jacks
2. Plyometric Lunges
3. Burpee
4. Alternate Side Lunge
5. Squat Jacks
6. Push-ups
7. Skater
8. Plank Jacks

Instructional Videos

Jumping Jacks

Plyometric Lunges


Alternate Side Lunge

Squat Jacks


Push-ups, Beginner’s Version


Plank Jacks

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