Crazy 8’s Total Body Workout Challenge

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In a workout rut? Maybe it’s time to get a little crazy! Our Crazy 8’s Total Body Workout Challenge will tone and define your entire body by working your legs, glutes, arms and upper body. This total body strength training routine includes 8 intervals of 8 exercises to define muscles and increase flexibility. And because we’ve modified it for all fitness levels, there’s no reason not to go crazy and jump right in!

Equipment Needed: One set of dumbbells of medium weight (8-12 lbs)

What to Do: Perform 8 reps of each of the 8 exercises; rest 30 secs after each move; repeat routine 2 times weekly for best results. Review videos below for exercise demonstrations.

Beginner Level: complete 1 round
Intermediate Level:
complete 2 rounds
Advanced Level:
complete 4 rounds


1. 8 Chest Presses
2. 8 Alternating Lunges
3. 8 Shoulder Presses
4. 8 Squats
5. 8 Bicep Curls
6. 8 Plie Squats
7. 8 Tricep Kickback
8. 8 Squat Jumps

Chest Press

Alternating Lunges

Shoulder Press


Bicep Curls

Plie Squats

Tricep Kickbacks

Squat Jumps


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