Top 10 Tips for Lasting Weight Loss

Lasting change starts today.

Ready to rock a new body? Take control of your health? Feel fab in whatever you wear? It doesn’t matter why you want to shed those extra pounds. The fact is you can lose weight and keep it off by making positive changes to your lifestyle. Get the skinny with these top 10 tips for lasting weight loss.

Winning at weight loss is about more than making temporary changes to diet or exercise. It’s about making lasting lifestyle changes that will nurture your body and well-being. One way to create lasting change is to take small, doable steps.

Choose one or two weight loss tips below to incorporate into your daily routine. Stick with it. If you make a mistake, simply shake it off and get back on track. Once you’re comfortable with those first steps, add one or two more of the tips below. It won’t be long before you see and feel the benefits of your full lifestyle makeover.

1. Nosh on veggies first.
Vegetables are a low-calorie way to give your body the nutrients it needs and take the edge off hunger. Whether you start your meal with a healthy salad like Wilted Chard, Chickpea, and Pomegranate Salad or munch on veggie strips while you prepare dinner, the veggies-first strategy will prevent you from overeating.

2. Give yourself the gift of flexibility.
Life is busy. And sometimes it’s crazy. Give yourself the flexibility to live a healthier lifestyle even on the busiest days. For example, prepare and freeze one of these 14 Healthy Freezer Meals to Make Your Life Easier so you can simply heat-n-eat on nights when you’re running late. No time for a regular workout? Get your sweat on with 9 Four-Minute Fat Blasters.

3. Listen to your body.
Are you really hungry? Or are you raiding the fridge out of habit? One of the top tips for lasting weight loss is to become more mindful about why you’re choosing to eat. Find out more in How to Stop Mindless Eating in 5 Steps.

4. Learn which emotional triggers send you snacking.
Emotional eating can be a big-time snag for those on the weight loss journey. Before you eat, do an emotion check-in. Are you feeling sad, bored, anxious, or stressed? Check out 3 Ways to Curb Emotional Eating.

5. Sleep your way to a healthy weight.
We can’t say it enough: sleep matters. Well-rested people are less stressed, which can reduce the urge to snack on unhealthy foods. Sleep plays a critical role in the production of hunger-related hormones. Learn 5 Ways Your Sleep Schedule Could be Piling on the Pounds and sink into sleep with this 6-Minute Workout for Better Sleep.

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