Top 15 Spotify Playlists for a Non-Stop Workout

Tap into Spotify for workout bliss!

Music has a powerful ability to change a situation . It can guide our emotions, actions, and thoughts. It can even help us transition into a night out on the town or a relaxing night at home. Music with exercise isn’t any different. On the journey to great results, you need great music. These playlists provide that. Upbeat, high-tempo, strong vocals, amazing instruments, and bumping bass all allow you to get personal with your music. These are playlists you will feel and songs that will give you that extra burst of energy to guarantee a stronger and sexier you.

Spotify is a streaming music service which offers you millions of songs to choose from. Like most streaming services, Spotify offers a free version. If you’re willing to pay a little extra monthly, you can get complete access to all of the songs they provide and a removal of ads. No interruptions from start to finish. You can also connect directly with your Facebook and you won’t need to create a user account.

We’ve covered a variety of music playlists to give you options depending on you mood. Rock, pop, hip-hop, country and even house. Enjoy!

1. Pulse of The Party – This playlist really lives up to its name. Being the pulse is all about being the one all eyes are on. All eyes will be on you as your workout and jam to this playlist. With artists like Pharrell, Pitbull, Katy Perry, and Lorde, you’ll want to keep your workout going just to finish the entire playlist.

2. Hip-Hop Club Bangers 2014 – Hard beats and hard lyrics all leading to hard workouts. Artists like 50 Cent, Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Azelia Banks make this playlist all you’ll need when you have a challenging workout planned. Bang out to the music and bang out your routine.

3. 80’s Hard Rock – Get a little nostalgic with this playlist. The fusion of 80’s music and fitness was epic. Think headbands, leotards, leg warmers and neon shorts. This 80’s playlist features Aerosmith, Vixen, Led Zepplin, and Heart. Rock out during your workout. Maybe leave the leg warmers at home.

4. Electronic Bliss – With amazing electric instruments, deep baselines and fun, addictive lyrics this playlist will get you into the zone. Avicii, Selena Gomez, Skrillex, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and Phoenix have had some of their best songs remixed to give you that extra beat you need.

5. Guilty Pleasures – Don’t be ashamed because you love Rock Lobster. We do too. This playlist is all about songs you love but will openly deny to anyone who asks. You know these artists, you know the tempo, and you know these songs. Embrace your love for Britney Spears, Ace of Base, Spice Girls, and Aqua. These upbeat songs will have you lip-synching in the mirror. Enjoy!

6. Feelin’ Good – All soul, all feel good. Sometime you just want upbeat positive music to keep you motivated. This playlist does just that. James Brown, Jackson 5, Carla Thomas, and Bill Withers. This is a perfect morning workout playlist. Start your day off with positive music and a fun upbeat workout.

7. Young, Wild, & Free – A great mix of hip-hop, pop and house. Rita Ora, Jay Z, Flo Rida, Calvin Harris, and Kelis are some of the many features. The switch up of music genres is what makes this playlist amazing. Go from hard gritty beats, into electronic piano, followed by engaging vocals. Let loose and embrace your workout.

8. Ultimate Pump Up – This playlist starts before you even get inside the gym. Think of the gym as your stadium, and this playlist is pumping you up to go be great in front of tens of thousands of fans. Non-stop energy, non-stop excitement and non-stop pushes. This playlist will make you never want to put a weight down. Glass Candy, Kavinsky, and Rick Ross are just some artists to bring energy to this playlist.

9. Run – Do what the title says! High intensity workouts are perfect for this playlist. Whether you’re running, doing boot camp or a tabata routine this playlist will give you the tempo to keep your body moving constantly. Why rest when the song is still going and motivating you? Jungle, La Roux, Foo Fighters, Daft Punk, and Ellie Goulding will support you through it all.

10. Feeling Sexy – When you workout, you should feel sexy. All that sweaty and itchy skin is just the beginning to that sexier body you’re working on. These songs bring the perfect balance between how you want to feel, how you should feel and how you will feel. Songs all about your sex appeal. Danity Kane, Beyonce, Ciara, and Janet Jackson will make you fall in love with yourself all over again.

11. Re-Energize – Don’t even think about getting into a slump during your routine with this playlist. The instrumentals in these songs combined with the booming lyrics have so many build-ups, the second you think of slowing down, you’ll find that second wind to keep going. Ariana Grande, Icona Pop, M.I.A., and give you nothing to but intensity in every song.

12. Wild Thing – The description for this playlist reads “still crazy as !”%/!.” Sometimes you just need to let loose at the gym and this playlist gets you there. Crazy can be good if channeled correctly. We want you to channel your crazy into your workout. Challenge yourself, scare yourself and do something you wouldn’t normally do. High risks, high returns! Ke$ha, Miley Cyrus, and Jason Derulo will guide you into a successful, wild, but fun workout.

13. The Nu-Modern – A nice mix of folk, rock, and country, this playlist focuses on amazing instruments with lyrics to reach your heart. Where most songs emphasize the chorus, the lyrics in these songs are equally as uplifting and motivating. Jakob Dylan, Mumfords & Sons, and Ryan Adams are some of the amazing lyricists in this playlist.

14. Motivational Songs – As much as Gonna Fly Now is cliche, any playlist with it guarantees to be one you want to have! Workouts need motivation sometimes; powerful lyrics, choruses, instruments, and artists you know are legends in their genre. This playlist is one of the best music selections. Rock, rap, 80’s, 90’s, and heavy metal all mixed into one ultimate playlist will keep you going to become stronger physically and mentally. With over 388 songs, you can never get tired of this playlist!

15. Sounds of Nature – This playlist is perfect for your yoga routine. Sounds, bird chirping, raindrops, waterfall, crashing waves, and the wind are all soothing to the mind. Unwind, relax and take deep strong breaths as you transition between your poses.

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