Torch Fat in 4 Minutes Flat

You are four minutes away from a better body!

Have you heard about the revolutionary 4-minute fat blaster called Tabata. Unlike most workouts, Tabata continues to burn fat for up to 24 hours. This makes it a perfect morning workout to start the day and to torch fat in 4 minutes flat!

For this workout, you’ll need water, a towel, a set of light dumbbells (3-5 lbs), and an interval timer which most phones have.

Torch Fat in 4 Minutes

Tabata is a unique workout program that was discovered in Japan by testing two athletic groups. One group performed at a moderate intensity for one. hour, five days a week. The second group performed at a high intensity for four minutes, four days a week. The end result showed a higher increase in the second groups’ aerobic system.

Tabata training is fast-paced and meant to be done at your highest intensity level … whatever that is for you. You will need to push hard during these 4 minutes, there’s no messing around! Go hard the first time to see your limit, and then adjust the next time to find your base.

The first two exercises may feel easy, and then you may go slower on the next two. Regardless, work and push hard until you can perform both rounds without needing a break.

Perform each exercise for  20 seconds, resting 10 seconds after each exercise. Complete the following routine 2 times for a total of 4 minutes.

In order to get the maximum benefits from Tabata training, perform this Tabata routine at least 3 times weekly. And if you’re looking to burn more fat, perform it in the early morning. This will help you burn fat throughout your day.

  • Squat with Shoulder Press
  • Push Through
  • Reverse Lunges
  • Mountain Climbers

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Squat with Shoulder Press


Reverse Lunges

Mountain Climbers

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