5 Veggie-Filled Smoothie Recipes

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Let’s get real for a minute. It’s not always easy to get the proper serving of veggies every single day. Maybe you’re strapped for time, or perhaps you never acquired the taste for the veggies you know are good for you. You don’t necessarily have to sit down with a plate of broccoli, however, to get those valuable nutrients. Instead, you can rely on the convenience and deliciousness of a smoothie! Check out these 5 veggie-filled smoothie recipes that not only whip up quickly but are loaded with valuable vitamins that help your body perform its very best.

1.Kale and Orange Smoothie

Kale is one of the best foods for your body because it is bursting with vitamins and minerals. Admittedly, kale may not be everybody’s favorite food, but this recipe has a blend of flavors you can’t resist. Orange, banana, and honey make this a sweeter smoothie, but make no mistake, there is an entire cup of kale in this tasty treat!

2. Spinach and Mango Smoothie

If you really want to boost your health, then you need to incorporate as many superfoods in your diet as possible. Spinach just so happens to be one of them! This veggie-filled smoothie calls for one whole cup of baby spinach! Your body will definitely thank you for treating it so well. Not in love with spinach? No worries! The mango flavor totally camouflages the spinach taste.

3. Maximum Nutrition Superfood Smoothie

Just the name of this recipe lets you know that it’s good for your body! In addition to a variety of delicious fruits, this smoothie also calls for spinach, kale, dandelion, carrots, sprouts, and much more. This recipe seems to have it all. This single smoothie provides health benefits, ranging from weight loss to anti-inflammatory (plus much, much more!) Add this one to your must-try list.

4. Better Than a Shake Green Smoothie

This fruity-flavored blend surprisingly has a ton of fresh veggies mixed right in! Kale and avocado come together to provide a great dose of protein and valuable nutrients to help you stay focused and energized throughout the entire day. If you ever feel tempted to grab a shake, whip up this healthy option instead. You’ll certainly be glad you did.

5. Wake Me Up, Keep Me Going 

Start your day the right way with this delicious smoothie! It can be rough getting started in the morning and even harder to keep the momentum throughout the day. Allow this veggie-infused rink to get you there every single time. The main veggie contenders in this smoothie are kale and spinach. Both of these foods are a great source of minerals that help give you that energy boost that you need to keep on truckin’!

Absolutely delicious! Can you believe how incredible these all sound? You definitely need to try them ASAP to figure out which one will become your new favorite.

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