Losing the Sugar: Ways to Naturally Sweeten Your Meal

How sweet it is to cut back on sugar.

skinny strawberry banana bread

There’s nothing sweeter than reaching your fitness goals. But sometimes, when you’ve got a craving, that brownie over there may look like it’d come pretty close. Stay strong, Skinny Misses. There are aways to indulge in a little sweetness without going off the deep end. Below are five natural sweeteners that can replace sugar in your next recipe.

1. Honey

Honey can be used to sweeten plenty of different dishes, not just dessert. These Chipotle Honey Chicken Skewers mix the sweetness of the honey and zesty chipotle for a delicious, skinny dinner.

2. Banana

Using bananas in your breakfast or dessert is a great way to get a little extra nutrients in. Try topping your oatmeal or toast with this Roasted Banana Smash to sweeten up your morning.

3. Stevia

A calorie-free leaf extract, stevia is a completely natural sweetener with no effect on blood sugar. The best part is, it’s about three times sweeter than sugar, so you only need about a teaspoon for every tablespoon of regular sugar you’d need in your usual recipe.

4. Raw Maple Syrup

Raw maple syrup makes a terrific replacement for sugar in desserts, like our recipe for clean Skinny Strawberry-Banana Bread. Not only is it healthier than processed sugar, it has a stronger flavor, so you can reduce how much goes into your recipe.

5. Agave Nectar

All-natural and much sweeter than refined granular sugar, agave nectar is the perfect replacement for sugar without sacrificing taste. It’s much sweeter than sugar with the same neutral taste, so you can fully replace sugar with a fraction of the amount.

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