10 (5-Minute) Workouts For A Busy Life

Make these routines a part of your busy day!

Ab & Core Home Workout - Strengthen & Tighten Your Abdominals Faster

Just how long is 5 minutes really? Long enough to change your body from head to toe! We’ve compiled 11 of our best 5-minute workouts for you. Whether you’re a morning person, or are looking for stronger arms or a tighter butt, there is a workout here for everyone. Life is hectic, but making time for yourself is a top priority!

Before you get ready for these workouts, take a look at The Best 5 Minute Songs for your 5 Minute WorkoutWhen the song is over, your workout is over!

1. Total Body Makeover in 5 Minutes Flat

A full body introduction to teach you the basics. Your makeover starts here.

2. 5 Minute Arm Workout

No need to spend hours at the gym. 5 minutes a day to get the guns you need are right here.

3. 5 Minute Core Tightening Workout

Abs of steel Wonder Woman will be jealous of. Start the clock now.

4. 5 Minute Morning Workout To Kickstart Your Day

Love to get your day started strong? This workout is for you.

5. 5 Minute Butt Workout
A great butt is all about different angles. This workout will make give you that extra lift you’ve been looking for.

6. 5 Minute Office Workout

5-Minute-Office-WorkoutSometimes you just need a kick mid-day. Pull your chair away and rejuvenate. Work will stop seeming that bad.

7. 5 Minute Body Weight Workout

Your own body weight can get the work done just as fast. Challenge yourself with yourself here.

8. 5 Minute Total Body Boot Camp

Boot Camp isn’t all scary. But in 5 minutes we expect a lot out of you. Put your body to 100% here.

9. 5 Minute Workout Challenge

Our challenges always bring out the best in you. This workout won’t disappoint.

10. 5 Minute Fat Burning Home Workout

You don’t even need to step outdoors to look fabulous. This workout will have ready to take over the world once you step out.

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