10 Best Yoga Poses to Stay Calm and De-Stress

Build a strong and flexible foundation!

10 Best Yoga Poses to Stay Calm and De-Stress

These beginner yoga poses to stay calm and de-stress are perfect for easing your body and mind. An added benefit is that they will also provide you with a stable foundation on which you can build a healthy yoga practice for many years to come! By starting with this routine, you will increase strength and improve flexibility, both of which are necessary for a safe and effective yoga practice. If one thing is for sure, it’s that practicing yoga regularly can benefit every aspect of your life: mind, body, and soul!

Yoga for a Healthy Mind

We’re going to forget about the physical benefits of yoga for a moment and focus on how it can help reduce stress, calm anxiety, and promote peace. When you’re performing a yoga routine, you’ll focus on two main things: breathing and stretching. In doing so, you will slow your heart rate and reduce blood pressure.

Yoga also fights the release of cortisol, which is the naturally-occurring stress hormone found in the human body. The less cortisol that is present in your body, the less stressed you will feel. Focusing on taking slow, deep breaths as you relax into each pose, will also help to clear your mind and provide a sense of calm and peacefulness!

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10 Best Yoga Poses to Stay Calm and De-Stress

You can easily do this sequence a few times per week and slowly build up to incorporating more difficult moves. For this workout, we just want you to focus on keeping your balance and holding in your core to give your body stability. Jump into our 10 best yoga poses to stay calm and de-stress today and immediately begin reaping the calming benefits!

beginner yoga poses

What you need: A yoga mat or soft surface

What to do: Hold each yoga pose for about 30 seconds. You can hold it for more or less time, depending on what feels comfortable to you. For the high lunge pose, tree pose, Warrior I, and triangle pose, hold the pose for 30 seconds on each side. Cycle through all ten of the poses and then repeat for a total of 2-3 cycles.

We’ve included instructional videos below to help you learn proper form for each pose. Be sure to watch each of them before you begin so that you can get the most out of every pose!

Yoga Flow

  1. Cat Cow Pose
  2. Downward Facing Dog
  3. High Lunge
  4. Cobra Pose
  5. Mountain Pose
  6. Tree Pose
  7. Warrior I
  8. Triangle Pose
  9. Bridge Pose
  10. Happy Baby Pose

Instructional Videos

Cat Cow Pose

Downward Facing Dog

High Lunge

Cobra Pose

Mountain Pose

Tree Pose

Warrior I

Triangle Pose

Bridge Pose

Happy Baby Pose

Try these yoga poses to stay calm and de-stress today! They’re perfect for any fitness level, so practically anyone can join in and reap the incredible benefits!

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