15 Clean Emergency Foods to Never Be Without

Prepare for snack attacks the right way.

Live a healthier, slimmer lifestyle—without sacrificing convenience. Stock these 15 clean emergency foods to never be without.

Life comes at you pretty quickly. That makes it hard sometimes to ensure you’re getting the healthy snacks you need to fuel your body. If you’re going to tackle errands, projects, and general craziness you need foods filled with protein, fiber, and antioxidants.

Processed snacks, even those that are labeled “healthy,” aren’t always a good choice. Too many contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners that have been linked to weight gain. Other packaged snack foods aren’t much more than glorified cardboard for all the nutritional value they offer. That’s why these clean emergency foods should be in your fridge or pantry.

1. Chocolate Coconut Almond Balls

Dates naturally sweeten this delish treat, which is perfect for keeping in the fridge at work.

2. Healthy Trail Mix

Keep a bag of this clean snack ready to go. It includes pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, and more.

3. Melissa’s Coconut Clean Snax with Chia and Flax Seed

With natural flavors and gluten-free ingredients, this snack will satisfy your munchies the clean way.

4. Melissa’s Cranberry Clean Snax with Chia and Flax Seed

Tangy cranberry makes this snack one of those clean emergency foods that your taste buds will love.

5. Chili-Lime Pumpkin Seeds

Spice up snack time with this simple baked snack full of homemade yumminess.

6. Protein Pretzel Sticks, Cinnamon Toast by Kay’s Naturals

Lean soy protein combines with grab-n-go convenience in these crunchy and sweet snack foods.

7. Blueberry Hemp Superfood Power Snacks by Navitas Organics

Hemp and chia seeds add protein power to these clean emergency foods, which also feature blueberries and maqui berries.

8. Baked Apple Chips

These are easy to make and even easier to enjoy—and they’ll add the right amount of natural sweetness to your day.

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