15 High-Protein Vegan Recipes

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6. Black Bean and Quinoa Chili Bowl

This zesty chili bowl only takes 30 minutes to cook, and freezes well. Easy peasy!

7. Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Buddha Bowl

This buddha bowl is loaded with nutrients. Its superfood ingredients, including avocado, quinoa, spinach, and broccoli, will make you feel healthy and strong.

8. Simple Black Bean Corn Quinoa Salad


Grain salads are a substantial, hearty alternative to green salads. This one is also super easy to prepare, and you can enjoy it hot or cold.

9. Barley Salad with Chickpeas, Fava Beans, & Peas

Chickpeas and fava beans are both great sources of fiber and protein, and barley is a great source of fiber. Lemon juice and herbs add a fresh flavor.

10. Lemon Garlic Pasta with Fresh Veggies

Get your veggie fix by adding them to pasta. We use whole-grain pasta for an extra fiber boost.


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