15 Ways to Eat Clean Without Starving

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Clean eating is a way to eat fewer processed foods and primarily whole foods. This often means sticking to the basics, like fruits, vegetables, legumes, lean meats, and nuts. Often, these foods alone don’t satisfy many appetites. Do not despair; it is very possible to feel full while also feeling fulfilled through healthy eating. The trick is in knowing which foods are filling and making sure to buy as much of them as possible. In this case, the rules are the ingredients. These foods, with recipes included, will help you eat clean without starving and satisfy most any appetite.

1. Eat beans.

Beans are starchy, filling and protein-packed, and they come in a wide variety of types. So, if one type isn’t for you, don’t give up on beans entirely. Try this recipe for Momma’s Roadhouse Chili, for example. The quinoa is a nutritional treasure chest, but the beans will fill you right up!

2. Use low-fat cheese.

The low-fat cheeses in this lasagna recipe help create a sense of fullness alongside the sauces and pasta that come with lasagna. The spinach adds iron and other minerals to this dish, making this pasta even more filling.

3. Make soup.

Soup is an easy way to eat clean, since most recipes use whole ingredients already. Soup on its own is filling thanks to its broth, which can be as thin or thick as necessary per the recipe. Filled with the 13 grams of protein, this Black Bean and Lentil Soup is extra filling.

4. Eat Greek yogurt.

A common ingredient on this website, Greek yogurt on its own is also a great way to feel full without packing on calories. Regular store-bought yogurts tend to be packed full of sugar, so avoid high sugar content however possible. Skinny Fruit & Yogurt Salad makes a easy and delicious side dish or afternoon snack.

5. An apple a day.

Whole apples are filled with pectin, which slows digestion and creates a feeling of fullness. Stuffing apples with granola can add extra texture and substance for cheap, helping you eat clean on a budget.

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