20-Minute At-Home Booty Builder

Build a bigger, bolder booty!

I think it’s safe to say that in this day and age, no one wants to have a flat butt. Am I right? Adding a little bit of mass to your bottom can drastically alter the way that you look and feel. Luckily, your booty can easily become the meatiest part of your body by performing just a few simple exercises! Whether you’re short on time or just prefer to workout in the comfort of your own home, this 20-minute at-home booty builder is all you’ll need.

Eating for Muscle-Growth

While performing consistent exercise is essential to building a tight, round butt, eating the correct amounts of the right foods will greatly accelerate your progress! 

Protein is the number one macronutrient for repairing and building muscle, but nutrient-dense carbohydrates are also important! Eating plenty of lean protein and nutritious carbs will help you tone-up and reshape your booty. In addition to this 20-minute at-home booty builder, be sure to begin incorporating these sources of protein and healthy carbs into your diet. You might also want to check out our Paleo Meal Plan For Muscle Gain to make things easier than ever!

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20-Minute At-Home Booty Builder

20-Minute At-Home Booty Builder

Although this is a home workout, you’ll need a few basic pieces of equipment to get the most out of the routine. In order to truly build your glutes, you’re going to need one light to medium dumbbell (5 or more pounds) and one heavy dumbbell (over 25 pounds). Additionally, you’ll need an interval timer (available on most phones), a chair or stool, and a yoga mat or towel. 

Building a better booty at home is no different than doing the work in the gym, you just have fewer options for equipment at home. With that being said, as long as you use what you have available and truly focus on isolating your glutes, you’ll get amazing results!

Perform each exercise for 45 seconds with 15 seconds rest in between the exercises. Complete four rounds with no rest in between the rounds. The alternating exercises will work your glutes individually to offer some rest as you alternate.

  • Weighted Donkey Kick: These will isolate your glutes, and the dumbbells will really engage the muscle to build and round it out.
  • Alternating Bird Dog: Alternating will give you a small core builder, but the lift and extension will tighten, firm, and build.
  • Alternating Step-Up With Knee Raise: Use a chair or a stool for these. Drive your knees up for a full extension.
  • Dumbbell Glute Bridge: One of the best glute exercises. The heavier the dumbbell, the more you’ll isolate and work those glutes.

Instructional Videos

Weighted Donkey Kicks

Bird Dog

Step-Up With Knee Raise

Dumbbell Glute Bridge

Once you begin to notice changes in your booty, don’t hesitate to step it up! Try any or all of these routines next:

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  1. Love your “stuff” so helpful, that is as soon as I can get my rear off the couch from doing nothing all these virus weeks. 🙂

    1. Diana, First, Thank you. I understand, it’s not easy to get motivated. Do it one time and you’ll be hooked. 🙂

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