7-Day Best Butt Circuit Workout Plan

Who wouldn't want a firm, round booty?!

We all have different ideas of the “perfect” body shape. However, there’s one thing that most of us can agree on. Do you want to take a guess as to what that might be? A round, firm booty of course! Now it’s one thing to know what you want, but it’s another to know how to get it! If you want a tight & toned bottom, this 7-day best butt circuit workout plan will help you build it!

An added benefit of this plan (aside from building the butt of your dreams,) is that it will increase the strength and power of your lower body. Furthermore, your lower half contains some of the largest muscles in your body so training them requires more energy. This means that in addition to getting stronger, better looking glutes, this butt-building plan will help you burn more calories too!

Fuel-Up for Faster Results

fuel up for faster results

While this week long program will target and train the muscles of your legs and butt, you can increase the rate of your progress by eating the correct amounts of the right foods! Increasing protein intake, and incorporating more whole grains, fresh produce, and healthy fats into your diet will optimize your results! If you need some dietary guidance for losing weight and toning up, be sure to check out our 30-Day High-Protein Low-Carb Meal Plan with Shopping List or learn How to Make Your Own Healthy Meal Plan.

7-Day Best Butt Circuit Workout Plan

It doesn’t take hours at the gym to build the booty of your dreams. In as little as 15 minutes per day, you can earn an amazing looking bottom. If you’re ready to sculpt a stronger and more shapely butt, jump right into this fast and simple 7-day plan!

What you need: a yoga mat or towel / a step or bench / a pair of moderately heavy dumbbells (optional)

What to do: Be sure to watch the instructional videos below to ensure that you’re using proper form. Perform the specified number of reps for each move, moving from one exercise to the next. Rest up to 30 seconds between exercises. Complete the designated number of rounds for your fitness level. You can perform these exercises using just your own body weight, or increase difficulty by using dumbbells! 

  • Beginner: 2 Rounds
  • Intermediate: 3 Rounds
  • Advanced: 4 Rounds

The Exercises

Days 1, 3, 5, and 7

  1. Sumo Squats – 20 reps
  2. Reverse Lunges – 20 alternating reps
  3. Glute Bridge – 20 reps
  4. Walking Lunges – 20 alternating reps

Days 2, 4, and 6

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats – 10 reps per leg
  2. Single-leg Deadlifts – 10 reps per leg
  3. Alternating Curtsy Lunges – 20 alternating reps
  4. Kneeling Kickbacks – 10 reps per leg

Instructional Videos

Sumo Squats

Reverse Lunges

Glute Bridge

Walking Lunges

Bulgarian Split Squats

Single-leg Deadlifts

Alternating Curtsy Lunges

Kneeling Kickbacks

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