3 Moves to Tight and Toned Thighs

Take a few minutes to tighten and tone your thighs with this fast and fun workout routine!

Your body is unique and beautiful just the way it is. Although we are all different shapes and sizes, most of us can agree that there’s always room for improvement! After all, there’s certainly nothing wrong with trying to enhance your appearance and better your health. If your thighs are an area that you’d like to improve, you need to include these three moves to tight and toned thighs in your weekly workout plan.

Your thighs are made up of two main muscle groups: the quadriceps in the front and the hamstrings in the back. The exercises below will target these muscles, as well as your abductors (outer thighs), adductors (inner thighs), and your glutes. Remember that consistency is the key to success. Performing this routine 3 to 4 days a week will allow you to see visible results in just 4 to 6 weeks.

It’s important to note that any time you’re trying to tighten and tone a muscle group, you must maintain a healthy diet. If you need some guidance, check out these helpful articles:

3 Moves to Tight and Toned Thighs

What you need: a yoga mat or towel / a medium set of dumbbells (optional)

What to do: Perform 10 to 15 repetitions of each exercise with little to no rest in between. Complete 3 to 5 rounds total. We’ve included instructional videos below to ensure that you’re using proper form.

The Exercises

  1. Sumo Squat
  2. Walking Lunges
  3. Glute Bridge with Squeeze

Notes: For walking lunges, you should complete 10-15 repetitions per leg. Also, you can increase the level of difficulty by holding the dumbbells during the entirety of the workout. Hold them at chest height during squats, down at your sides during lunges, and on your hip bones during bridges. 

Instructional Videos

Sumo Squat

Walking Lunges

Glute Bridge with Squeeze

These are three of the best moves you can do for tight and toned thighs! This routine may not seem challenging, but it will get you the results you are looking for if you stick with it. On top of this routine, you may also want to try out these great, thigh-toning workouts:

We can’t wait for you to try this thigh-toning routine! Let us know what you think and tell us all about your awesome results!

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