49 Healthy Ways to Lose 10 Pounds

To lose ten pounds, you’ll want to change both what’s in your pantry and how you spend your free time.

Weight loss is a journey. Shedding pounds and keeping them off takes commitment and perseverance. While losing ten pounds may be a short-term goal, you’ll see lasting results if you approach it as a lifestyle change rather than a diet with a deadline.

Whether you’ve got 10 pounds to lose or 110, these 49 ways to lose weight will put you on a healthy path to success. Clean eating combined with more physical activity is a surefire way to make the weight fall off.

To lose ten pounds, you’ll want to change both what’s in your pantry and how you spend your free time. Replace processed, packaged meals with clean, whole foods. Make a commitment to move each and every day. If you follow these tips consistently over several weeks, you’ll begin to see the number on the scale drop.

1. Drink more water
Drinking lots of water boosts your metabolism, cleanses your system and helps suppress your appetite. Aim to drink a big glass before every meal, and you’ll fill up faster. Check out these 12 Ways to Increase Your Water Intake and try one of our delicious Water Drinks to Flush the Fat Away.

2. Eliminate artificial sweeteners
Artificial sweeteners may look great at face value, but they actually trick our brains—and not in a good way. When your brain is craving sugar, and you give it an artificial sweetener instead, it only craves more sugar. If you’re really having a sugar fit, it’s best to simply have a small amount of the real stuff. Try our 30-Day No Sugar Challenge and be sure to indulge in a few of our No Sugar Added Dessert Recipes.

3. Ban fast food
This one’s an obvious and incredibly healthy way to keep the pounds off. Fast food is packed with grease and trans fats that sabotage your weight loss goals. Create healthier versions of your favorite fast food recipes at home with these 8 Healthy Fast Food Recipes.

4. Re-think snacks
If your idea of a midday snack is a bag of chips, it’s time to change your definition. Snack on healthful, nutritious foods like berries, whole grain crackers and nuts. Our list of 50 Clean Eating Snacks is filled with yummy and creative snack ideas.

5. Move every hour
Studies have shown it’s not just exercise that keeps you lean; people who moved more during the day, even on non-exercise activities, were thinner than those who were mostly sedentary. Set a timer on your phone for the top of every hour. Get up, stretch and take a lap around your office. Check out our 5-Minute Office Workout and these 5 Easy Workouts to Do at Work.

6. Sneak in squats
Squats are one of the quickest exercises to blast fat and get your heart kicking. Sneak in a few squats while you wait for the coffee to brew or the copier to shoot off your document. Our 7-Day Squat Challenge and list of 6 Types of Squats for a Better Butt will offer all the motivation you need!

7. Eat more protein
It’s something many women are guilty of: we don’t get enough protein. Up your intake of lean protein like salmon, chicken breast and legumes. Give our 15 Protein Packed Recipes for Weight Loss a try.

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