8 Healthy Fast Food Recipes

Even the most diehard nutrition advocates might find themselves facing a fast food craving from time to time. The reason these healthy individuals still look great is because they don’t let cravings derail their clean-eating goals. Finding nutritious fast food options isn’t easy when you’re out and about. Even the items labeled as “healthy” often contain loads of added sugar, sodium, and preservatives. Thankfully, fast food cravings don’t have to sink your effort to look and feel better. There are plenty of recipes that will satisfy your cravings for burgers, tacos, burritos, and greasy sandwiches, but won’t leave you feeling like you’ve just eaten a ton of bricks. Instead of pumping your body full of unhealthy ingredients, try these 8 healthy fast food recipes that will taste even better than their gut-busting counterparts.

8 Healthy Fast Food Recipes:

1. Chipotle Taco/Burrito

Sink your teeth into this fast food alternative. Simply fill your favorite corn or whole wheat tortillas with this filling, which includes turkey breast, black beans, corn, and chipotle paste. Top your burritos with no-sugar-added, low sodium salsa or fat-free Greek yogurt.

2. Philly Cheese & Chicken Sandwich

Get Philly-style goodness without the extra calories, fat, and sodium you find in the sub or pizza shop version. This sandwich has plenty of lean protein and veggies, plus plenty of taste, making this one of those fast food meals you’ll make again and again

3. Soft Chicken Tacos

When it comes to healthy fast food dishes, you can’t beat this recipe. You’ll love it because it’s super simple to make, plus it doubles easily, making it a great serving option when you’re expecting guests. At less than 300 calories per taco, it’s the smart choice for satisfying your fast food taste buds while watching or maintaining your weight. Try this with Skinny Mexican Rice.

Spicy Southwestern Vegetarian Burger

4. Spicy Southwestern Burger

Spice up take-out-style meal planning with this meatless recipe. Made from kidney beans, corn, and lots of other clean-eating ingredients, this recipe is high in the protein your muscles need to stay strong and increase calorie burn. The burger also offers plenty of fiber to fill you up so you can put the kibosh on cravings for unhealthy snacks. Top this with your favorite condiment or with Avocado Dip/Spread. For more healthy hamburger options, check out 3 of the Best Burger Recipes.

5. Zucchini Bell Pepper Pizza

Would you like a load of fat, calories, and sodium with your take-out pizza order? Of course not! So instead of dialing the pizza joint at dinnertime, enjoy this good-for-you recipe. Full of vitamins, micronutrients, and potassium (a mineral which keeps the body hydrated), this is one of those nutritious fast foods you’ll enjoy again and again. This is also an easy recipe to customize, so feel free to swap in your favorite veggies.

6. Pizza Burger

When it comes to fast food meals, you can’t beat a combination of pizza and hamburger. The difference is that this healthy recipe offers the pizza shop taste you want and none of the junk you don’t—and all for just 251 calories per burger. Try it with our Sweet Potato Fries recipe below.

7. Sweet Potato Fries

Forget those fat-drenched drive-through fries. This is one of those healthy fast food recipes that you and your family will enjoy. These fries are an oven-baked side dish that delivers clean-eating goodness in an easy-to-make recipe that’s perfect for pairing with your favorite homemade sandwiches, subs, and burgers.

8. Chocolate-Cherry Almond Shake

Craving a milkshake? We get that craving too—that’s why we created this yummy and healthy recipe. With chocolate, honey, milk, and cherries, a 1-cup serving has just 155 calories, a fraction of what you’d find in the typical fast food shake, which can pack more than 500 calories!

Look and feel better about your body by cleaning up your menus—it’s not as hard as you might think! Check out 7 Simple Steps to Clean-Eating or 5-Day Clean-Eating Menu.


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